Wilhelm Heinrich Eyermann was born to Joseph Wilhelm Eyermann and Magdalena Eberhardt on 5 November 1854 in the city of St. Louis. Wilhelm was baptized on 3 December 1854 and was confirmed in 1868 at St. Marcus Evangelical Church.

In 1870, Wilhelm was a student at Jones Commercial College at Fifth and Olive Streets in St. Louis. While his training was for banking, Wilhelm wasn’t happy doing that and became a bricklayer like his father and several uncles.

Wilhelm Eyermann married Wilhelmina Elisabetha Larette Hampe on 17 August 1882 at Holy Ghost Evangelical Church. Six children were born of this union:

  • Gottlieb Wilhelm Otto Eyermann was born on 19 February 1883. Otto married Josephine Wills on 20 June 1906. Josephine died in 1907. Otto’s second marriage was to Deana Stocker on 20 November 1912. Deana died in 1953. Otto was a cabinet maker and lived on Oregon Avenue most of his adult life. He died on 5 February 1956 in St. Louis with burial on 8 February 1956 at St. Paul’s Churchyard in Affton.
  • Carl Heinrich Walter Eyermann was born on 16 August 1884, baptized on 21 September 1884, and died in October 1886 of diphtheria.
  • Catherine Charlotte Clara Eyermann was born on 14 August 1886. She married Louis Jacob Bischoff on 23 December 1936. In 1944, Clara lived on Lynch Street and was the forelady at a candy factory. Clara died on 9 October 1971 in St. Louis with burial at St. Matthew Cemetery on 13 October 1971.
  • Wilhelm August Berthold Eyermann was born on 30 August 1889 and baptized 10 November 1889 at St. Paul’s Frieden Church. Willie died on 15 May 1895 with burial the next day in Old St. Marcus Cemetery. His cause of death was diphtheria.
  • Hugo Bartholomew Eyermann was born on 20 February 1892 and baptized on 24 April 1892 at St. Paul’s Frieden Church. Hugo married Florence Ebert on 3 September 1913 in Markham Memorial Presbyterian Church. Hugo died on 8 February 1964 with burial in Lake Charles Cemetery in St. Louis County.
  • Roland Edward Friederich Eyermann was born 10 January 1894. He married Mildred John on 16 January 1917 at Markham Memorial Presbyterian Church. Roland died 17 January 1921 in St. Louis with burial in St. Matthew’s Cemetery on 20 January 1921.
William Eyermann's marriage certificate
Marriage certificate of William Eyermann and Wilhelmina Hampe
Photo in the collection of Paula Eyermann Novak
Used with permission

Wilhelm died on 12 August 1901. His death was ruled as an accidental drowning in the Mississippi River. Wilhelm’s body was removed from the river at the foot of Carroll Street. At the time of his death, Wilhelm lived at 2127 Dolman. Adolph Livery and Undertaking handled his funeral with his burial at Old St. Marcus Cemetery.

Written by Paula Eyermann Novak
August 2019

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