We don’t know exactly when Irish immigrants Patrick Touhill and Johanna Herlihey settled in St. Louis. We also don’t know if they arrived separately, met, and married here, or if they met and married elsewhere.

Patrick Touhill was born in County Limerick, Ireland, between 1835 and 1838. He reported immigrating in 1861.

Johanna Herlihey was born in County Cork, Ireland, to a Denis Herlihey between 1840 and 1846, as noted on her death certificate. She reported immigrating in 1862.

Patrick and Johanna married in 1866. Their eldest child Cornelius reported his birthdate as 1867 and his birthplace as St. Louis.

By 1880, they were parents to Cornelius, age twelve, Katherine, age eight, Patrick, age six, and David, age three. On the 1900 census, Johanna reported bearing six children, so two of their children never appeared in a census.

Patrick and Johanna moved several times but remained in the same general area. The family rented at 1110 Franklin in 1876 and lived at the same address in 1880. The 1893 St. Louis city directory indicates the family lived at 1007 N. 14th Street. According to the 1895 edition of the same directory, they resided at 1847 Division. By 1900, they were living at 1414 Biddle.

In the 1876 and the 1893 St. Louis city directories and in the federal censuses of 1880 and 1900, Patrick reported his occupation as “teamster” or “driver.” In the 1800s, a teamster earned his living driving a wagon.

In 1880, Patrick reported being able to read but not write. By 1900, he reported being able to read and write. Johanna in 1900 reported that she could read but not write.

On 1 February 1908, Johanna died of heart failure. Johanna’s obituary states that her funeral took place at St. Lawrence O’Toole Catholic Church. Patrick survived his wife by only a few months, dying of “apoplexy (cerebral)” on 3 May 1908.

Patrick and Johanna Touhill are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Section 11, Lot 973. Buried with them are sons David and Patrick T. as well as daughter Katherine McHugh.

(Sources include: cemetery, census, and death records, plus city directories.)

Written by Mary Dolan for Joseph Touhill
March 2019

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