Michael John Deininger was born and baptized on 26 July 1841 in Rheinzabern, Bayern, the son of Fredericus Adamus Deininger and Maria Agatha Kunz. He arrived on the Odessa, at the port of New Orleans, on 29 November 1858, accompanied by his sister, Maria Agatha Deininger, who married John Jecklin on 25 August 1861 in St. Louis. Michael’s brother, John, born on 4 December 1829, in Rheinzabern, arrived in the United States in 1859. The 1860 census lists Michael Deininger as an apprentice carpenter to Gottlieb Martin, a builder.

In September 1861, Michael enlisted in the 27th Regiment, Infantry Volunteers and was part of Captain Gerstner’s Company, which was later joined by the 5th Regiment, Company K under Captain Louis Winkelmaier. Michael mustered out in January 1865 with the rank of corporal. It was in 1889, while living in St. Louis, that he applied for an invalid pension. He claimed disability due to suffering from scurvy, varicose veins of the legs, and disease of the eyes, due to poor food, hardship, and exposure, and frequent attacks of chills and fever during his service at or near Atlanta, Georgia, on or about the first of November 1864. In his affidavit, he states that he was with Sherman on his march to the sea.

On 18 October 1866, in St. Louis, Michael became a naturalized citizen. On 5 November 1868 in St. Louis, he married Sophia Wilhelina Albertina Doepke; however, the family does not know how they met. This couple had ten children, seven of whom survived to adulthood; Maria Julia, Bertha Karolina “Lena,” Bertha Elisabeth “Lizzie,” Emilia Josephine “Millie,” Emma, George, and Arthur Frank. Twins Michael and Sophia died shortly after birth and Dorothea Barbara died at age three.

Between the time of his discharge from the Army and 1876, Michael Deininger lived in St. Louis at various addresses, which are listed in city directories as well as his pension affidavit. For the most part, he worked as a carpenter.

    • 1866—Michael Deininger, patternmaker, Pacific R.R. living on Julia Avenue between Elizabeth and Virginia Streets
    • 1869—Michael Deininger, carpenter living on Cozens between Samuel and Pratte Avenues
    • 1870—Michael Deininger, living at Philibert and Branconier Company
    • 1871—Michael Deininger, carpenter, MPRR, living at 2702 Papin Street
    • 1872—Michael Deininger carpenter, Seidel and Schoenle, at 2702 Poplar Street
    • 1873—Michael Deininger, living at 2702 Choteau Avenue
    • 1866—Michael Deininger, patternmaker, Pacific R.R. living on Julia Avenue between Elizabeth and Virginia Streets
    • 1874—Michael Deininger, living at 2618 Papin Street
    • 1875 to 1876—Michael Deininger, carpenter, Philibert and Johnaning Company
    • 1879 to 1880—Michael Deininger, living in Boeuf Creek, Franklin County, Missouri
    • 1880 to 1889—Michael Deininger, living in New Haven, Franklin County, Missouri
    • 1890 to 1893—Michael Deininger, carpenter, living at 2840 Missouri Avenue

Michael died in St. Louis on 27 October 1901 of synovitis with burial in New Haven Cemetery.

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March 2018

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