Born on 12 March 1824 in Carondelet, Missouri, Joseph Roy was the third of five children born to Henry François Roy (1794–1831) and Ulalie Vien (1801). Joseph’s father died when he was only seven years old and in 1837 his mother married Pierre Chatillon.

Matilda Augusta Braddock was born in Bedford, England, on 28 August 1828. She was the seventh of ten: children born to Thomas Dunn Braddock (1780–1835) and Ann Read (1792–1872). After the death of her father and six of her siblings, Matilda, her mother, and two of her siblings immigrated to the United States in 1843 arriving in Utah in 1848. Later, Matilda moved to St. Louis, after being smuggled out of Utah under a load of hay.

In St. Louis on 22 January 1849, Joseph Roy married Matilda Braddock. They became the parents of eight children, three of whom died in infancy.

Children of Joseph Roy and Matilda Braddock:

    1. Joseph Roy (1853–after 1880)
    2. Unnamed Roy (1856–1856)
    3. Francis Roy (1857–1860)
    4. Josephine Roy (1859–1860)
    5. Euphrosine Roy (1861–1942) married Joseph Grossman.
    6. Alfred Henry Roy (1863–1900) married Catherine Edna McCarthy.
    7. Belle Rita Roy (1867–1936) married Charles Edgar Wallis.
    8. Thomas William Roy (1869–1943) married Mary Sawyer.

The 1860 federal census for Carondelet listed the Roy family, which included the parents and one son. Three of their children had already passed away. The 1870 federal census for Carondelet listed the Roy family, which consisted of both parents and five children. Joseph, a laborer, could read but not write.

Joseph Roy
Joseph Roy
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Matilda Augusta Braddock died on 11 October 1870 in Carondelet at the age of forty-two. After a twenty-one year marriage, Matilda found her final resting place at Sigerson Farm Cemetery.

After the death of his first wife, Joseph married Caroline M. Ong (1839–1936) on 9 March 1872 in St. Louis. Caroline was born on 15 November 1839 in Smithfield, Ohio, daughter of Jacob Ong. She was previously married to a Mr. Ollion. Joseph and Caroline had two children.

Children of Joseph Roy and Caroline M. Ong:

    1. Theodore Howard Roy (1872–1944)
    2. Blanche Eva Roy (1877–after 1948)

The 1880 federal census listed Joseph and Caroline Roy in St. Clair, Illinois, with five children. The census listed Joseph as a farmer who could read and write, but Caroline was not able to do either.

Joseph died on 15 February 1898 in East St. Louis, Illinois, at the age of seventy-three. The burial location is unknown. Joseph’s Find A Grave memorial number is 160928214; Matilda’s number is 160913968, and Caroline’s is 149615364.

Written by Linda Jane Wallis
September 2016

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