John M. Hannegan was born on 20 July 1848 in Ohio, by family tradition in Cincinnati, but the precise place in Ohio is unknown. His parents were Daniel Hannegan and Sarah Wilson. His older brother Daniel was born in 1843 in Newburgh, New York. By family tradition, his middle name was Murdoch, but there are no records with anything other than John M. Hannegan.

The first verified documentation of him is in the 1860 federal census, where he is listed with his parents and his brother Daniel, all living in St. Louis. Starting in 1871, John M. Hannegan is listed in the St. Louis city directories, initially as a tobacconist, then later as a fireman with Engine #7, with Hook and Ladder #1, with #5, then beginning in 1878, as a fireman or a wire-worker.

On 8 July 1874, John M. Hannegan married Ernestine “Tina” Winkelmeyer, the daughter of Louis Winkelmaier, one of the owners of the wireworks where John worked. How they met has never been discovered. The marriage took place at St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church in St. Louis. Their first child, John Louis Hannegan, was born on 16 February 1875. Their second child, Daniel Edward Hannegan, was born on 3 September 1876.

In the 1880 federal census, John M. Hannegan, his wife Ernestine, his children, John L. and Daniel E., are living with Ernestine’s widowed mother, Eliza Gilbert Winkelmeyer. At that time, John M. was a wire-maker. In 1892, according to the St. Louis city directory, John M. Hannegan, Eliza Winkelmeyer, Sarah Hannegan, and John Hannegan’s family were all living together at 2833 McNair Avenue. John M. Hannegan died on 3 May 1896. His death certificate indicates he was a tobacconist. His cause of death was “rheumatism.” The document also provides his place of burial as Holy Ghost, an Evangelical cemetery. It is unknown when or why John M. Hannegan left the Catholic church.

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John Murdoch Hannegan
John Murdoch Hannegan and Colleagues
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