Born on 15 December 1771 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jean Baptiste Vien was the son of Jean Baptiste Vien I (1741–1773) and Marie Mondion (1750–1794). Jean’s father died when he was very young, and his mother married Joseph Vachard (1751–1808). The 1776 census of St. Louis indicates that Jean Baptiste Vien was a four-year-old stepson of Vachard.

Euphrosine Hunault was born on 2 February 1781 in St. Louis to Toussaint Hinault Deschamps (1728–?) and Marie Joseph Beaugenoux (1748–1799). Jean Baptiste and Euphrosine married in St. Louis on 13 October 1795. They became the parents of ten children. Their marriage contract is in book 3, page 44 of the book Marriage Contracts, 1764–1854.

Children of Jean Baptiste Vien and Euprosine Hunaut:

    1. Marie Vien (1797–1803)
    2. Frances B. Vien (1800–1891) married Jean Baptiste Gamache III.
    3. Joseph Vien (1800–1852) married Elizabeth Courtois, Catherine Bernard, and Ophelia Mottie.
    4. Ulalie Vien (1801) married Henry Francois Roy and Pierre Maurice Chatillon.
    5. Jean Baptiste Vien (1806) married Emiele Grisa.
    6. Elizabeth Isabelle Vien (1812–1859) married Antoine Marechal.
    7. Antoine Vien (1814) married Agatha Michel Taylon.
    8. Marcellite “Josephine” Vien (1817–1889) married Antoine Barada.
    9. Louis Vien (1819–1919)
    10. Edward Vien (1820)

Jean Baptiste Vien testified in court on at least two occasions––in 1811 and 1833––regarding land transactions of his cousins when he stipulated that his family arrived in St. Louis in 1783.

Euphrosine Hunaut died on 28 July 1833 in St. Louis at the age of fifty-two. She and Jean had been married for thirty-eight years. Jean Baptiste Vien died on 17 March 1834 in St. Louis at the age of sixty-three.

Their burial occurred at St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Carondelet, which was in operation from 1823 to 1839, but closed when it became full. It is now considered part of Mount Olive Cemetery. Jean Baptiste has a Find A Grave memorial number of 160725284 and Euphrosine is 160725510.

Written by Linda Jane Wallis
September 2016

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