Born on 6 September 1794 in St. Louis, Missouri, Henry François Roy was the son of Henri François Roy I (1767–1831) and Marie Jeanne Montardy (1775–1811). Previous Roy family members emigrated from France to the United States.

Ulalie (or Eulalie) Vien, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Vien (1771–1834) and Euphrosine Hunault (1774–1833), was born on 22 April 1801 in Carondelet. The previous Vien family members emigrated from France to Canada before moving to Missouri.

Henry and Ulalie married in Carondelet on 5 January 1818. He was twenty-three years old and she was sixteen years old. They became the parents of five children.

Children of Henry François Roy and Ulalie Vien:

    1. Henry Roy (1820) married Sarah I.
    2. Jean Baptiste Roy (1822–1897) married Angelique Pigeon.
    3. Joseph Roy, (1824–1898) married Matilda Augusta Braddock and Caroline M. Ong (Olloin).
    4. Irene Helene Roy (1827)
    5. Eulalie Roy (1830).
Roy2 Marriage Contract
Marriage Contract of Henry Roy II
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Henry Roy’s name is on a petition dated 30 October 1818 to Congress from the inhabitants of Carondelet “praying the Confirmation and designation of their Common and to prevent intrusions and waste of timeber.”

Henry François Roy II died on 29 June 1831, just a few weeks after the death of his father, who passed away on 3 June 1831. Henry was thirty-six years old and had been married for only thirteen years.

St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Carondelet is the final resting place for Henry Roy II. The cemetery was in operation from 1823 to 1839, closing when it became full. His father and both of his in-laws were also buried at this cemetery. His mother passed away before the cemetery was in operation.

Several years later on 11 September 1837, Ulalie married Pierre Maurice Chatillon. Pierre was the son of Jean Baptiste dit Maurice Chatillon (1758–1838) and Marguerite Delor Treget (1779–1866), and the brother of Henri dit Maurice Chatillon (1813–1873). The marriage record is listed under Peter Chatillion and Eulalia Viant. They had one child.

Child of Pierre Chatillon and Ulalie Vien:

    1. Marie Theresa Chatillon (1837–1911) married Louis Aloysius Mallett.

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