Henry Clay Lackland was born on 26 August 1830 in Montgomery County, Maryland, and died on 3 November 1898 in St. Charles, son of James Cooper Lackland. Henry moved to Missouri with his parents in 1833 and graduated from St. Charles College, taught school, and was mathematics teacher at the college from 1856 to 1859. He also taught classes in Greek and Latin. He held the position of school commissioner from 1859 until the office was abolished.

In 1869, Henry opened a law office and became a prominent attorney in St. Charles. He was elected to the legislature in 1878 serving two terms. He also was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1875 and served on several important committees of the convention including judiciary. Henry appears in an 1875 group portrait of members of the Constitutional Convention.

He married Nannie Harden, daughter of Joseph R. Harden and Mary Ann Murphy, on 4 December 1856 in Franklin County, Missouri. Nannie was born in 1838 in Missouri and died on 22 March 1877. H. C. Lackland also authored a pamphlet on the family referenced below, and although he included many bits of data on his family and his brothers’ families, he did not include his wife’s birthdate!

Children of Henry Clay Lackland and Nannie Harden:

    1. James Cooper Lackland, born 12 September 1857 in St. Charles, Missouri, died on 8 July 1908 in El Paso, Texas. James married Septima E. Price on 10 March 1881, in Tarrant Co., Texas. Septima was born on 7 September 1860 in Meridian, Mississippi, and died on 20 April 1943 in Bisbee, Arizona. She was the daughter of William Price and Macklin Dossey.
    2. Joseph Harden Lackland, born on 30 October 1859, died on 23 December 1935 in St. Charles. Joseph married Theodosia Shore on 26 March 1883 in St. Charles. She was the daughter of John Shore and Theodosia Harrison Powell, born on 5 September 1861 in St. Louis, died on 16 September 1919 in St. Charles. This couple had one child, Joseph Lackland, born on 7 December 1883 in Dennison, Texas, and died on 13 October 1940 in St. Charles.
    3. Henry Lackland, born on 1 March 1868 in Missouri, died on 4 September 1888 in St. Charles of typhoid fever.

(Sources: Pioneer Families of Missouri, The Bench and Bar of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Other Missouri Cities: Biographical Sketches (St. Louis and Chicago: American Biographical Publishing Company, 1884) pg. 54–55, online at FamilySearch.org. Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis. Location: Groups Collection, Box 1050, Photographs and Prints Department.)

Written by: Patricia Andersen
January 2021

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