Born on 7 May 1767 in St. Louis, Missouri, Henri François Roy I was the son of Julien Roy (1730–1793) and Marie Barbe Saucier (1736–1778). Henri frequently used his middle name, François, rather than his complete name. His godmother was Pregaldin.

Marie Jeanne Montardy was born on 31 December 1775 in St. Louis. She was the daughter of Pierre Montardy II (1736–1809) and Marie Therese du Chemin (1753). Her father emigrated from France in 1752. The 1776 St. Louis census lists Henri and Marie with their families. Henri was nine years old and Marie was one.

On 26 June 1793, Henri married Marie Jeanne in St. Louis. He was twenty-six years old and she was seventeen. They became the parents of eight children. The first Catholic church register in St. Louis includes the names of the five oldest children’s births.

Children of Henri François Roy and Marie Jeanne Montardy:

    1. Henry François Roy (1794–1831) married Ulalie Vien.
    2. Pierre Roy (1796–1803)
    3. Marie Barbe Roy (1798) married Paul Dorval Montambault.
    4. Jerome Roy Wallis (1894–1896)
    5. Julien Roy (1799–1803)
    6. Charles Roy (1802–1805)
    7. Louis Roy (1807) married Marie Louise Mallet.
    8. Paul Roy (1809–1810)

In 1805, Henri signed a petition with his mark (X) in support of Governor Wilkinson. He signed a second petition with his mark (X) on the 8th of January 1817 from the inhabitants of Carondelet about their “commons” land which they have held for about 30 years & necessary for their support.” On 30 October 1818, he signed a third petition with his mark (X) to Congress from the inhabitants of Carondelet “praying the Confirmation and designation of their Common & to prevent intrusions and waste of timber, . . .”

In both the 1810 and 1820 federal census Henri’s name appears as a resident of Carondelet. He used the name François, which is how he was referred to on his son’s marriage contract.

Marie Jeanne Montardy passed away on 1 January 1811 in St. Louis at the age of thirty-five. She and Henri had been married for eighteen years. The burial for Marie occurred at the St. Louis King of France Cemetery.

Henri François Roy I passed away on 3 June 1831 at the age of sixty-four. There were several Roys, including his son, Henry François Roy II, who died within a few weeks of each other. The court recorded Henry Roy I’s will on 27 June 1831. Henri’s burial occurred at the St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Carondelet. Henri’s Find A Grave memorial number is160742575 and Marie Jeanne is 160762056.

Written by Linda Jane Wallis
September 2016

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