George Hrebec was born to Mathias Hrebec and Anna Bokor on 5 October 1899. He was a normal child until about the age of three when a big dog jumped on him and scared him so badly he experienced the first of his epileptic seizures. This was at a time before any medication was available to control the disease and it became more and more life threatening.

His World War I draft card in 1918 described George as short with medium build, blue eyes, and brown hair. He was unemployed and living at 4161 Humphrey Street with his parents. The 1920 census indicated he was an invalid, unable to work.

George collapsed on the street with a seizure and died at the age of thirty while living at the sanitarium at 5400 Arsenal. George was survived by his parents and siblings: Joseph, Albert, Frank, Anna (Hrebec) Sindelar, and Mae (Hrebec) Breen. The family buried George at New St. Marcus Cemetery on 6 January 1930.

Written by Judy Broleman
June 2020

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