Friedrich Wilhelm Büeltmann was born 30 November 1828 in Schildesche, Bielefeld, Prussia, the son of Johann Christoph Bültmann (1781–1839) and Anne Marie Ilsebein Niekamp (1783–1833), the youngest of their seven children. His siblings were:

    1. Johann Friedrich Büeltmann or Hachmeister (1 June 1805–24 July 1875)
    2. Anne Marie Louise Büeltmann (26 January 1808–?)
    3. Hanne Wilhelmine Büeltmann (22 March 1811–?)
    4. Gottlieb Diederich Büeltmann (17 April 1817–?)
    5. Anne Marie Ilsabein Büeltmann (21 January 1821–?)
    6. Henriette Wilhelmine Frederike Büeltmann (21 Feb 1825–?)

When Friedrich was five years old, his mother died. His father married Hanne Louise Koch on 1 September 1833. They had one child before Johann Christoph died in 1839. Under Ravensburg law, the youngest adult son would have inherited the property after his father’s death, but since Friedrich Wilhelm was still a minor, compensation was provided for him and his three minor sisters. To provide money for the compensation, some property was mortgaged. Friedrich Wilhelm was to receive some money when he left home and to receive his rightful dues for loss of property at his maturity.

Exactly when Friedrich Wilhelm came to the United States is unknown. In 1846, he was living in Bielefeld. To avoid military conscription, he would need to leave before he was twenty. Family tradition says he entered at New Orleans, but no record has been found.

The first record found in the U.S. for Friedrich is that of his marriage on 8 May 1858 to Caroline Wilhelmina Gronemeier (Kronemeier in the marriage record) at St. John’s Church in St. Louis, Missouri. Caroline (12 December 1836–17 August 1863) was born in Hedem, Lübekke, Germany. Their child, Herman Frederick, was born 16 July 1863. Caroline died of puerperal fever on 17 August 1863 and is buried in Saint John’s Cemetery in Bellefontaine Neighbors.

On 17 October 1863, with his now-Americanized name, Frederick William Bueltmann married Johanna “Anna” Caroline Panköker. (Bankeker in the marriage record). Anna was born in Schildesche on 23 March 1838, the daughter of Johan Friedrich Panköke (9 June 1808–?) and Anne Margaretha Buschmann (18 May 1810–?). Anna came to the U.S. in 1861. Frederick and Anna had six children, but only two lived to maturity: Karl (Charles) Heinrich Bueltmann (2 August 1869–28 July 1935) and Karl August (who went by his middle name) Bueltmann (20 November 1874–5 December 1919).

The Bueltmanns lived in a small frame house behind a coal yard at 2615 St. Louis Avenue. Frederick was a coal dealer, listed in St. Louis city directories and in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. In 1879, he was a laborer, owning real estate valued at $3000. His personal wealth was $600. In 1880, he was a coal dealer. He died of tuberculosis on 30 November 1887 and was buried at Saint John’s Cemetery in Bellefontaine Neighbors. Anna Bueltmann carried on the family business, helped by her two sons. She died on 9 September 1923 with burial in Saint John’s Cemetery.

Written by Faith Stern
March 2023

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Anna Bueltmann
Johanna “Anna” Caroline Wilhelmine Panköker Büeltmann
Photo in the collection of Faith Stern
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Bueltmann house
2615 St. Louis Avenue in 1920
Photo in the collection of Faith Stern
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