Charles Walter Hoffman was born in south St. Louis on 7 August 1871, son of Charles and Emile (Kreibaum) Hoffman, who were married in St. Louis on 20 September 1864. Charles Sr. was born in Hesse Darmstadt about 1834 and died on 11 June 1884. Emile was born about 1838 in Prussia and died on 22 October 1899. Charles Sr. manufactured cigar boxes and Emile was a stay-at-home mom to their children: Amalia, born in 1865; Charles Jr.; Emma, born in November 1873; and William, born in October 1877.

Charles Jr. grew up to be an accomplished commercial sign painter and amateur photographer. He married Ida Deeke about 1897 and, together with Ida, raised three children in the Carondelet community. Charles Walter III was born on 20 October 1897; Theodore Ervin was born on 11 November 1899 and Evelyn Elsie was born on 22 November 1905.

Charles Jr. and Ida were active in their community and participated in local clubs and numerous cultural events. They watched both of their sons go off to World War I and, thankfully, return to have families of their own. Little Evelyn Elsie was the apple of her father’s eye, scoring a whirlwind trip to New York as a young lady—compliments of “Pop.”

Charles Jr. left his family too soon on 23 April 1930, but his photography still lives in the family archives, telling stories of weddings, Christmases, first communions, parades, concerts, dances, summers in the country, fishing, and a happy life. Ida, who survived tuberculosis while her children were little, lived to enjoy her grandchildren and passed along a love of sewing and cooking to her granddaughter. Ida died on 16 April 1953. Burial occurred at Sunset Burial Park for both Charles Jr and Ida.

(Sources include family interviews, U.S. census records, St. Louis birth, marriage, and death records)

Written by Margie Yevara
December 2016

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Charles Hoffman
Charles Walter Hoffman.
Photo in the collection of Margie Yevara
Used with permission

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