Two years of romance by young lovers often leads to a joining of hearts in a ceremony we recognize as a wedding. Such was the case between Rudolph Sindelar and Anna Hrebec. They met at the altar on 19 May 1915, surrounded by family and friends. The moonlight shone softly upon them as they joined their hearts as one while the man in the moon smiled upon the happy couple!

Together they shared this shining celestial orb and then made their way to their newly furnished home at 3516A Texas Avenue and a waiting upstairs apartment. Leaving their family and friends to finish the celebration, the newly married couple strolled to their new home.

On 17 June 1916, and then on April Fool’s day of 1918, the couple’s two daughters, Dorothy and Georgia, were born.

On 26 August 1961, while living at 4006 Dunnica Avenue in St. Louis, Anna Hrebec Sindelar died. She was the wife of Rudolph H. Sindelar and mother of Dorothy R. (Sindelar) Turner and Georgia Mae (Sindelar) Charpentier, as well as sister of Frank Hrebec and Mae (Hrebec) Breen. She was also the grandmother of Gary and Larry Turner and Sondra and Lynn Charpentier. On 30 August at Moydell Funeral Home, located at Mississippi and Allen Avenues, the family gathered for Anna’s funeral. Sunset Burial Park is the site of her final resting place.

Written by Judy Broleman
June 2020
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