Anna Bokor was born to Pavel and Marie Bokor on 30 June 1860, in Skasov, Prestice, S. Kasov, Bohemia. According to a note written by her daughter Mae, the correct spelling of the name Bokor was Bokr in the old country. The same note indicates Anna was born in 1861, not 1860.

It is said Anna and her son Joseph followed her husband Matthias from what was then Czechoslovakia to America where he had been living for one year. The Hamburg Passenger Records show that Anna “Herebeck” departed on 14 September 1887 from her place of residence in Skasow, Bohemia. Anna and Joseph “Josef” arrived in New York on 29 September 1887. The ship passenger list for the steamship Polynesia, indicates Anna was twenty-six.

Anna’s grandchildren called her “Bobba,” which was a nickname of the Bohemian term for grandma.

At the time of her death on 6 September 1937, Anna was seventy-six years old. She had moved from her home in the 4100 block of Humphrey to 4222 Arsenal Street to live with her oldest daughter, Anna Hrebec Sindelar. While there, Anna died in the arms of Sis Charpentier.

St. Marcus Cemetery on Gravois Avenue is the final resting place for Anna. The ashes of her husband, Matthias, are buried with her.

Written by Judy Broleman
June 2020

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