In 1973, society members, Herman Radloff and Alexander Coyle, wrote a pamphlet called Your Ancestor a River Captain? We sold the pamphlet for many years before we decided to take a closer look at its contents. Because of the increased accessibility of information in 2011, StLGS publications director, Ilene Murray, thought we could add to what had been originally printed to create a more useful publication. The result was so much data that we outgrew a paper format and chose to disseminate the new information in a series of Quarterly articles and post the thousands of additional names here instead.

The complete article on the 1860 census and its wards is on page 49 of the summer 2012 issue of the Quarterly.

The Radloff/Coyle steamship booklet contains partial data from some waterfront wards in the 1860 census. Additional research in 2011 revealed that all the wards had access to the waterfront; hence, there were many more names. Here, then, is an expanded list of river-related workers listed in the City of St. Louis. (For the sake of clarity, all spelling variations on the occupations have been standardized; names have been transcribed as spelled on the census, minus accent marks and umlauts.) As in all cases of good genealogical research, if you find something here, be sure to go back to look at the original.

Steamboat-Related Workers in the 1860 St. Louis Census

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