Two family bibles donated to the Webster Groves Historical Society belonged to well-known west St. Louis-area families, that of Otis R. Hawken Jr. and John Fenton Long. These fragile, old books contain pages of family information beginning in the mid-eighteenth century and continuing until the mid-twentieth. All the entries are handwritten and contain birth, death, and marriage names and dates on pages at the end of the bible text.

Both bibles contain information about the Long, Sappington, Wright, Hawken, and other related families so be sure to look at both of them.

A third bible has recently been scanned. This one belonged to Edward Lancaster and contains five pages of births, marriages, and deaths. Mr. Lancaster married in Coulterville, Illinois, in 1879. The bible remained with his family, was carried to Webster Groves at some point in time, and contains family information up through 1958.


Otis R. Hawken Jr. bible pages, c. 1753–1950s

John Fenton Long bible, c. 1753–1960s

Edward Lancaster bible, 1879–1958


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