Whether using the StLGS Ask Louie service or just researching for yourself, asking good questions is crucial to getting results. We offer the following suggestions for formulating your questions.

What is your goal? What should you ask?

Decide what you are hoping to find. What do you specifically want to know?

A good question should:

      • Be concise; limit your question to one sentence.
      • Provide unique identifying information about your ancestor.
      • State exactly what information you want.
      • Give specific information about your ancestor.

What do you know?

Who: Specific ancestor—Provide full name, including maiden name

What: Specific event—Birth/Marriage/Death

When: Specific date—Day/Month/Year

Where: Specific place—Institution (may not apply); City, county, state, country

You may not know all of the above information, but when making a request, please provide what you know. The more you can provide, the more likely you will be able to get a positive response.

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