From its settlement in 1764 by the French, through its transfer in 1770 to the Spanish, and then its inclusion in the Louisiana Purchase, what would become the state of Missouri was the scene for dramatic interactions among its many inhabitants. Native people were displaced by pioneers, explorers, and merchants. The two major rivers, the Mississippi and the Missouri, presented a relatively easy way to travel, but control of the land and the waterways was constantly an issue. Ultimately, the people in the territory were deeply involved in the skirmishes and battles that made up the War of 1812. Among the early people in the region were those who became famous generals and politicians. However, many of the men who provided the day-to-day security for early settlers and their families have remained anonymous. Some of these men served in companies of Missouri Rangers, making life a bit safer for the pioneers. Needing a way to keep the peace in a hostile environment, they formed groups that rode far and wide, looking for signs of danger and warning others of trouble.

The story of these brave and intrepid pioneers to the Missouri Territory has now been published by StLGS in two volumes. Based on the research of noted genealogist, Robert Parkin, the books include detailed maps, extensive bibliographies, and comprehensive indexes. The first book tells the story of William Clark (the Red Head), Black Hawk and other Native Americans, and the men who became the Missouri Rangers before and during the War of 1812. The editors have also added glossaries to aid in understanding the people, places, events, and terms mentioned in the narrative.

The second volume contains biographical information on many of the men and their families who are mentioned in volume one. Both books are softcover and illustrated. The first volume has 206 pages; the second has 150 pages.

The books can be purchased singly or as a set. Prices and more information are available at the StLGS online store. Use the links below to learn more!

The War of 1812 in Missouri, Volume 1: Tales of the Red Head, Black Hawk, and Missouri Rangers

The War of 1812 in Missouri, Volume 2: Profiles of Missouri Rangers

The War of 1812 in Missouri, two-volume set

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Missouri Rangers Volume One
The War of 1812 in Missouri, Volume OneMissouri Rangers Profiles
The War of 1812 in Missouri, Volume Two

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