The St. Louis Genealogical Society publishes a scholarly journal four times a year as a member benefit. Currently, StLGS Quarterlies from 1968–2018 are fully indexed, with more to be added in the future.

This index is arranged by volume and page numbers. Make note of the page number(s) you need, as each link will yield an entire year’s worth of issues.

Because of the size of the index, it is presented in four parts: Volumes 1–20, Volumes 21–40, Volumes 41–50, and Volumes 51–55

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Author Subject Title Volume Page
Fleming, Ann Carter Research Government Documents for Genealogists 51 7
DeRousse, Ray Families Finding Catherine Dallas 51 43
Powell, Janet Families My Great-Grandfather Blew Off the Eads Bridge 51 46
Kohnen, Carol St. Louis Webliography for the Great Cyclone of 1896 51 53
Theissen, Jane St. Louis Summary of St. Louis Disasters 51 56
Fleming, Ann Carter Miscellaneous Preserving Memorabilia 51 58
Steele, Ted Research Power of Family History, The 51 61
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Families William “Billy” Bernoudy 51 66
Fleming, James D. & Ann Carter Military Thank You for Your Service 51 75
Theissen, Jane Military Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, St. Louis, Missouri 51 78
Fagyal, Viki Military World War I Draft Registration in St. Louis 51 79
Mackinson, Laura Balluff Research Family Legends Lead to New Discoveries: Using Military Records 51 82
Theissen, Jane Military Military Bibliography 51 94
Wadell, Shirley Families Treasure Trove of Data 51 95
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Technology Tech Tips: Acronyms and Abbreviations 51 99
Wadell, Shirley Families Collection of Records for a Surname File, A 51 111
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Families Romaine Fielding (born Wm. Grant Blandin) & Joan Arliss (born Naomi Sachs) 51 116
Holl, Scott Churches German Churches in St. Louis, 1830–1900 51 120
Gross, Cheryl Families Gotsch Family News—Update 51 133
Parkin, Robert E. Families Michael Marinus Rheinlander (1808–1858) and Catherine Fey (1820–1885) 52 6
Theissen, Jane Methodology How I Lost my Great-Grandfather 52 16
Morris, Barbara Rae Vonland Methodology Ray’s Broken Branch 52 19
Wadell, Shirley Institutions Pope School, a.k.a. Oscar Minor Waring Elementary School and Dr. Charles Alexander Pope, St. Louis Surgeon 52 25
Gernigon, Octavie; Murray, Ilene Kanfer (introduction);  Withington, Kathie (translator) Families Letter from Octavie Gernigon 52 32
Parkin, Robert E. St. Louis Church and its Priests, The 52 43
Fagyal, Viki Methodology Online Newspapers: A Research Bonanza 52 65
Webb, Ken StLGS Web Resources: Robert Parkin Relationship Charts and Indexes Now Available 52 68
Theissen, Jane History Forty-Eight-Year-Old Manuscripts Provide a Wealth of Genealogical Information 52 79
Wadell, Shirley Families Lillian “Lillie” Mary (Lutz) Kern, 2 August 1881–16 July 1906 52 83
Clark, Jennifer R. St. Louis St. Louis Recorded Archives Transcription Project 52 89
Riley, David Joseph Families Felix Kesler (1842–1910), St. Louis Photographer, His Swiss Ancestry and Descendants 52 93
StLGS Quarterly Editor St. Louis St. Louis City/County Biographies Project 52 110
Theissen, Jane Families Margretta (Simon) Soehngen Jantzen (1840–1910) 52 111
Fagyal, Viki Methodology City Directories: Underutilized Gems 52 120
Block, Gene R. Families Rebecca Stuart, My Great-Great-Grandmother, Guilty Until Proven Innocent 52 130
Theissen, Jane Methodology Copyright and the Genealogist 52 134
Fleming, Ann Carter Families John Griffith James, 1788–1834 53 7
Theissen, Jane History Burgeoning Town: St. Louis to 1849, A 53 8
Carr, Margaret A. History Battle of Fort San Carlos, The 53 12
Calve, Martine; Withington, Kathy (translator); Murray, Ilene Kanfer (editor) Families Joseph Theodore Calve en Haute-Louisiane [in Upper Louisiana] 53 16
History and Genealogy Department, St. Louis County Library Methodology French and Spanish Archives 53 30
Wadell, Shirley Families William Edward “Bill” Severns, St. Barbara Parochial School 53 43
McCreary, Marian Brune Families Herman Bremer, 1849–1936 53 55
Northcott, Dennis Repositories Selected Resources of the Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 53 56
Fleming, Ann Carter History Timeline of Missouri History 53 68
Bast, Abbie Hawkins (Cantwell) Families Beaded Purses by Jane “Dearie” Hawkins Hay Cummings 53 72
Quarterly Editor History Missouri State Flag, The 53 78
Wadell, Shirley Families Masterson Photos: Viola Linders Masterson, (1911–2007) 53 79
Whitton, Carol Families Dorothea Linhardt Meyer Greb, 1804–1879; Gerog Meyer, 1805–1837; Peter Greb, 1811–1896 53 95
Sebastian, Nikki Williams Families William A. Roberson: Born a Slave in Kentucky—Died a Wealthy Man in St. Louis 53 96
Belford, Judy Families Finding Ellen Lore Bone’s Family 53 104
Parkin, Robert E. Families Lucas-Hunt Story, The 53 113
Lake, Venita Archer Methodology Who is Living in My Grandfather’s House? 53 122
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Methodology Missouri Digital Heritage: Why You Don’t Want to Research in Missouri Without It! 53 123
Fleming, Ann Carter Families Robert Owen and the Citizens of Marais des Liards 53 138
Smith, Jeffrey History Death, Dying, and the Founding of Missouri 53 139
Fox, Karen History One-Room Schoolhouses 53 144
Broniec, Diane Lavery; Fagyal, Viki Methodology Is W. H. Smith Really Martin Mulvihill? 53 156
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Families Dr. John Thompson Hodgen, 1826–1882 54 7
Hysinger, Vaughn; Block, Gene Families Barney Hysinger: A Leader in the Early Jewish Community in St. Louis 54 8
Wadell, Shirley St. Louis Thornhill—The Estate of Frederick Bates, Second Governor of Missouri—and Bates Cemetery, Faust Park, Chesterfield, Missouri 54 13
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Methodology Tech Tips: Screen Captures for Windows 54 19
Fleming, Ann Carter Methodology Research Tips—Place Names and Dates 54 22
Brennan, Marilyn; Broniec, Diane; Fagyal Viki StLGS Are Your Ancestors Eligible for First Families of St. Louis? 54 24
[The Editor] StLGS First Families of St. Louis, Founding Families (1765–1804 54 28
Fleming, Ann Carter Families Gladys Rose (James) Carter, 1895–1989 54 39
Murray, Ilene Kanfer History “La Grippe,” The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 54 40
Theissen, Jane St. Louis Dr. Max C. Starkloff and the Fight Against the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in St. Louis 54 44
Lappin, Zoe von Ende Families Parents Die Leaving Two Infants: Putting a Face on the 1918 Flu Pandemic 54 47
Darnell, Betty Rolwing Families More Faces of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic 54 59
Mackinson, Laura Balluff Families More Faces of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic 54 59
McCreary, Marian Brune Families More Faces of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic 54 59
Theissen, Jane Families More Faces of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic 54 59
Murray, Ilene Kanfer StLGS StLGS’s 2020–2021 Pandemic Story 54 66
[The Editor] StLGS First Families of St. Louis, Pioneer Families (1805–1821) 54 71
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Families Kate Garner Walker Beall, 1851–1929 54 79
Belford, Judy; Theissen, Jane St. Louis Map of St. Louis, 1804 54 80
Armour, Joe A. Families Bonicace “Barney” Verheyen, His Life and Times (1871–1935) 54
Broniec, Diane Lavery; Fagyal, Viki Methodology Mystery of the C. H. Richter Notebook, The 54 98
[The Editor] StLGS First Families of St. Louis, Immigrant Families (1822–1865) 54 107
Fleming, Ann Carter History Early St. Louis Inhabitants: St. Ferdinand (Florissant), 1818 54 114
Geiger, James S. Families John Frank Geiger, 1853–1900 54 122
Fleming, Ann Carter History St. Louis and Missouri Bibliography 54 123
Armour, Joe A. Families Bonicace “Barney” Verheyen, His Life and Times (1871–1935), Part II 54 125
Fischer, Martin Families Centernarian Who Wasn’t One Hundred, The 54 131
Clendenin, Helen “Pat” Bottenfield Watkins Families On the Street Where She LIved 54 136
Wadell, Shirley Families Charles Bennette Jr., Greenhouse Owner and Florist 54 140
Theissen, Jane Methodology Get to Know Google Earth 54 143
Hunt, Eloise Bernice Hudson Families Willie Miller Hudson, 1895–1962 55 7
McCreary, Marian Cemeteries Transfer of Remains from Holy Ghost/Old Pickers Cemetery to Zion Cemetery 55 8
Mercer, Joyce Cemeteries Cemetery Foud in Whitsetts Fork Subdivision 55 15
Richardson, Thomas Methodology Reconstructed Valor: How to Research Burned World War II Service Records 55 18
Steele, Edward E. “Ted” Families O’Fallon Family of St. Louis, Part I, The 55 23
Seiler, Richard “Dick” Families Magdalena Jacobs, 1840–1929 55 39
Fleming, Ann Carter StLGS In Memoriam: Mary F. Berthold, 1942–2022 55 40
Wadell, Shirley Families Another Lost Family Photo Album—A Coming Home Story 55 44
Murray, Ilene Kanfer Methodology Researching Your Quaker Ancestors 55 47
Steele, Edward E. “Ted” Families O’Fallon Family of St. Louis, Part II, The 55 52
[The Editor] St. Louis Justices of the Peace, St. Louis, Missouri, 1850 55 61
Fleming, Ann Carter Methodology Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online Family Trees, The 55 62
Walls, Linda Jane Families Henry Francois Roy, II, 1794–1831 55 69
Andersen, Patricia A. Families Moving to St. Louis in 1833: The Story of the Lackland Family 55 70
Hall, Tom Methodology Sad Death, A 55 80
Wadell, Shirley Families Books Needing Homes, Part I 55 86
Wadell, Shirley Families Books Needing Homes, Part II 55 89
Quigley, Barbara Families Patrick Joseph Quigley (1849–1910) and Helen “Nellie” Agnes Shaw (1852–1919) 55 99
Emmel, Kathy Families Family Sketch of Isaac Rosenfeld Jr. and Eliza Ellen Power 55 100
Emmel, Kathy Miscellaneous Family Research Inspires Art 55 113
Wadell, Shirley Families Lost and Found Photo: Daisy (Colt) Burke 55 115
Fleming, Ann Carter Methodology What is in a Name? 55 119


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