Periodically, the StLGS publications director will receive photos which have been orphaned. We do not encourage people to send us photos, but if you do find one that has a St. Louis connection AND has identifying information on it, we will try to reunite the photo with its family. PLEASE do NOT send us any photos without names! We do not have archival storage at our office, nor do we have any way of finding homes for photos that are not identified.

If you recognize a picture as being pertinent to your genealogical research, you may contact the publications director at Many thanks to StLGS member, Shirley Wadell, for additional information on some of the photos.

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Fannie Acton
The back of Fannie’s photo says: G. D. Wilson’s Double Light Rembrandt Gallery of Art, Corner Sixteenth Street and Franklin Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. [Further research shows her to be Frances Ann (Acton) Brown, b. 30 March 1859, d. 29 November 1931. Spouse: John J. Brown;  parents Edward Acton and Jane Oakes.]
Peter Austin
Both photos depict Dr. Peter AUSTIN and were taken by different photographers in St. Louis, Mo. One is a cabinet card; the other is a carte de visite, similar to today’s business cards. The smaller photo says on the back: “Dr. Peter Austin, Grandm. Floyd was attended by this dr. when her last child was born.” It is marked “J. A. Scholten, photographer, 301 & 303 North 5th St., Cor. Of Olive. Entrance 509 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo.” in a decorative floral plaque graphic. The larger photo is marked “Strauss” on the front. On the back it says, “Dr. Peter Austin my grandfather’s brother.” It’s signed “E.S.B.” Strauss Photo was at 1818 Franklin Ave., St. Louis.
Gary Bryant
This photo is from the Kuehl and Becker photo studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The photo is unmarked, but someone has written on the paper holder that encloses it, “Gary Bryant, son of Tony and Louisa Bryant. Tony worked at the St. Louis County Water Co.”
Pearl and Elmer Burick
We know these children belong to someone locally because this photo was left behind in our office in April 2017. No one has called to claim it, so if you know this family or if you left this photo, please contact us!
Burkhardt Wedding
This photo is in very bad condition, although it can be electronically enhanced so that most of the damage can be disguised. It appears as though it has been chewed or was damaged by etching with a hard object. The wedding couple is identified on the back as “Burkhardts Wedding Pictures.” On the lower right of the front is an embossed label that reads “Chas Betz, 586 W. Market, Lou., Ky.”
Minoh Rebecca Conklin and John Henry Ireton
We have a small packet of information on the Ireton family. There are two copies of this photo. On the back of one of them, it says: “This picture is from a tintype of the boys great-great grandparents: John Henry Ireton Born May 1, 1855 died Oct. 29, 1916; Minoh Rebecca Conklin, his wife married in Canton, Ohio March 5, 1879. She died about 193_.” There are four pages from an album or Bible. The originals are in ragged shape: yellowed and torn; however, there are copies of each page. The births are of members of the Ireton family, including John H., Minoh Conklin, James Harry, Charles Richard, and Margaret Bernice. The marriage page has John H. and Minoh’s marriage; the deaths record John H. Ireton; and the Memoranda page has the birth of John Harry Ireton in 1909. The spelling throughout is poor, so this may have been a farm family or one living in a rural area.
Walter Cummings
Walter Cummings sat for his portrait at Meier Studios in St. Louis. Embossed on the back is “From Meier, 1406 S. Broadway, 1814 N. Grand Ave., 2624 S. Jefferson Ave.” Walter was in Kansas City for the second portrait, done when he was much older. It is from Speake Studios, 807 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo. On the back, in pencil, are the names “A. E. Cummings” and “Walter Cummings.”
Charles Decker
Printed on the bottom of this photo is the following information: “Mr. Charles Decker, 19 Years old––Height, 31 inches––Weight 45 lbs.” The photo comes from an album purchased in Hermann, Missouri, in 2002.
Lollie Edgar
This photo is from the Strauss Studio and is marked “Lollie Edgar—St. Louis” on the back. The front of the photo is marked “Strauss.” The back of the photo is marked “Strauss Photo.” The studio was 1818 Franklin Ave. in St. Louis. [Note: Lollie might be a nickname for Laura.]
Mrs. Elhardt
This photo is from the Roth Studios and is marked “Mrs. Elhardt” on the back. The front is stamped “Roth, 2006 S. Broadway, St. Louis.” The back of the photo is marked “S. Roth, Artistic Photographer, 2006 S. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.” Mr. Roth apparently won a “First Premium” award at the St. Louis Fair in 1893. [Note: She might have been Lena Offerman, b. 31 October 1891, d. 12 February 1917, married to Louis Elhardt.]
Rose Heime nee Pickup
In pencil on the bottom, this says “Oklahoma, Bartlesville, Rose Heime nee Pickup, schoolmate/neighbor.” On the back there is a label that says “Dau of James and Kate Pickup m. Henry Heime 1898—to Bartlesville, OK.” [Note: rose was born 16 October 1872 and died 12 August 1958. Her parents were James W. Pickup and Catherine “Kate” Parker. She was married to Henry Heine.]
W. A. Hensley
This photo of W. A. Hensley was previously published in one of our Quarterly journals, but still remains unclaimed. It comes from White Studios in St. Louis. The stamped material on the back says, “White & Donnel, Proprietors, White Photographers, 1014 Washington Avenue, St. Louis.” In very faded ink it says, “W. A. Hensley to his sister Fanny A. Watson.”
Wm. F. Lambach
The back of William’s photo says: St. Louis Double-Light Photograph Gallery. Brecht and Co., No. 906 Sixth St., near Franklin Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Lelia Mager
This photo is in excellent condition, although it is very yellowed from the acidic cover it’s been kept in. It is signed on the lower right: Lelia Mager, 12/25/14. Below the photo is the photographer’s signature: Tupper-Gaffney. [Note: She was Lelia Scherer, born 10 December 1887 or 1890, died 25 February 1950. She was married first to Benjamin Philip Mager, and second to Max Rosenfeld.]
John and Wilson McMurray
The back of this torn photo says, “This picture was taken on about November 1st 1887.” The front has two numbers in pencil and also on the back it says that the taller boy, number 1, is John Dennison McMurray and the smaller boy, presumably his brother, is Judge Wilson McMurray. [Note: John Dennison McMurray was born 13 December 1872 and died 19 March 1948. He was the son of Robert Emmett McMurray and Selina Gordon Dennison.]
Henry and Amelia Menzenwirth
This photo has a penciled message on the front that says, “Mr. and Mrs. Menzenwirth Amelia Bergman Dead.” On the back, someone has placed a label, which says that the woman is Amelia Bergmann, daughter of Heinrich and Maria. She married Henry Menzenwirth in 1892. There is also the penciled name “niebling Adele,” which is probably the photo’s owner. The photographer was Hammer Studio on South Broadway in St. Louis. [Note: Henry was born on 27 September 1862 in Missouri, and his wife, Amelia, was born on 1 December 1871. She was the daughter of Heinrich and Maria/Mary Bergmann.]
Anna (Recker) Niebling
Anna (Recker) Niebling is number 4 in this photo. The school is unknown but was around 2nd and Sidney Streets in St. Louis. The teacher was Mrs. Hansen and the date was 1882. The Kuhn Brothers were the photographers. [Note: Anna Carolina (Recker) Niebling was born on 18 October 1872 and died 29 June 1960. She was married to Ludwig/Louis Niebling. Her parents were William Recker and Caroline Plogstert. Her granddaughter hopes some of her classmates might be interested in the photo.]
The Parker Children
In pencil on the back, this says “Aunt Pauline (top), Grandmother Julia (left), and Uncle George Parker.” On the bottom, in ink, it says “Pauline, Julia, and George Parker 1880 (?) The photography studio was Genelli, Hulbert Bros., Proprietors, 923 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo. [Note: Pauline P. Parker was born 6 May 1872 and died 3 March 1950. Julia Parker was born 6 May 1875 and died 18 September 1941. George Ward Parker was born 15 June 1878 and died 19 June 1963. They were children of George Ward Parker Sr. and Russella Lucy Russell.]
Pavlak/Zilinski Wedding
This marriage certificate is an original and we hope you can help us return it to its rightful owners. Mr. Joseph Zilinski of St. Louis married Miss Anna Pavlak of Springfield, Illinois, in Springfield on the 8th of May 1916. The witnesses were Martin and Rose Pavlak and they were married by John Czuberkis, “a Catholic clergy.”
Altie May Remington
This is Altie May Remington. Her name is on the back, where it also says the photo was going to W. H. Keehane in Shrewsberry, Missouri, on 14 January 1899. The photo comes from the Goldsmith Studio at 1012 Olive Street in St. Louis. [Note: She was Alice Martha (Remington) Kaufer, born 18 August 1881 and died 9 September 1902. Her husband was Frederick Kaufer.]
Emma Ruff
Emma Ruff (or maybe Rupp). is written in pencil across the back. The photography studio is Roth, 2006 S. Broadway in St. Louis, and more information on the photography studio is on the back. [Note: This might be Emma Kathrine (Schulze) Ruff, born 4 May 1872, died 14 October 1940, married to Arthur Titus Ruff. She is buried at Valhalla Cemetery.]
In pencil under this child is the following, exactly as written: “Meta Ruff’s cousins daughter, Wiesehan.” On the back it says “Cousin Kate daughter Meta Ruffs Mrs. Wiesehan.” Sun Gallery, 2351 Market Street, near Jefferson is on the front; Schaeffer Art photography, same address, is on the back. [Note: This might be Meta Bertha (Rulfs) Allen Wiesehan, born 2 June 1885, died 20 May 1969. Her first marriage was to Alfred William Allen; second marriage to Gerhard Henry Wiesehan.]
Mrs. A. P. Russell
Although the mat is water damaged, the rest of her photo is in good condition. The photographer’s studio, Murillo, 1314 Olive St., St. Louis is stamped on the lower right corner of the mat. Mrs. Russell must have ordered additional copies of this photo. Under her penciled name on the back is “albumin print 11×14.”
Willie Schaub
This little boy is Willie Schaub, four months old, which, as you can see, is penciled on the front. The photo was taken at the Klotter and Scherer Photograph Art Gallery at 906 and 908 N. 6th Street in St. Louis.
Mrs. Schepard [sic]
On the back of this photo it says, in pencil, “Mrs. Schepard, 1138 Kentucky Ave. Life size crayon. Best of work. Price $6.00. J. Teagin 10 of February.” There is no year, and it’s likely that the surname is misspelled. The Saettele Photography Studio was at 1325 Chouteau Avenue in St. Louis.
Herman Schreiber
Herman Schreiber is written in pencil across the back. The photography studio is Fischer, 9th and Franklin Avenue in St. Louis, Mo. The spot over Herman’s eye and the one by his mouth appear to be ink stains and not part of the baby’s face. [Note: Herman was born on 7 April 1883 in St. Louis; his parents were John and Mary Schreiber.]
Norma Sheurman
Obviously happy, this baby is labeled on the back “Norma Sheurman.” There is also a name in pencil in a shaky handwriting that looks similar but with a widely different spelling. On the front it says “Schneidt Studio, 3300 Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. [Note: Norma was born on 12 September 1904 in St. Louis. Her parents were Louis and Louise Schuerman. She married Paul M. Brown, but died of complications from childbirth on 4 July 1921. She is buried at Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetery and has a FindaGrave memorial, number 48161401.]
This young man is Ed Stoppelworth (or some variation of that name, the penciled name written on the front is unclear.) The photographer was When at 1631 Franklin Ave., St. Louis. There is nothing on the back and the image is faded but still easy enough to see. [Note: Edward Stoppelwerth was born on 25 November 1854 and died on 20 September 1900. He has a FindaGrave memorial, number 32147120.]
Millie Sullivan
In pencil on the back it says “Miss Millie Sullivan, 4650 Easton Ave.” On the front, etched into the black matting, and extremely hard to see, is the name of the photographer, Theo Ragu, S.W. corner Easton and Taylor, St. Louis, Mo.
Marie Jacqueline Taylor
This cabinet card photo, taken by Studio Genelli, Hulbert Bros., proprietors, at 923 Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo., is identified as “Marie Jacqueline TAYLOR (or Tayln), 10 years old.” The photographer advertised “Instantaneous Portraits of Children A Successful Specialty.” His patent is dated 29 Dec 1885.
This baby is Bryan Tremlett, which is known because someone has taped a note on the back that says he lived on Virginia Avenue in the city (St. Louis) as a child. The studio is F. W. Guerin, 506 Olive St., St. Louis, and there is a list of awards bestowed on the studio during the 1890s. 1899 is the last date on the list. [Note: Bryan Andrew Tremlett was born on 11 April 1900 and died 23 December 1979. He was the son of Harry and Belle Tremlett.]
John J. Wysocki
This photo of John J. Wysocki was previously published in one of our Quarterly journals, but still remains unclaimed. The actual image is only about an inch and a half in height. It has John’s name on the back in ink with “Ellis, Wis.” under it. There is a stamp in the oval that says “Nursey,” probably the name of the photo studio.

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