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Belville Central High School, Belleville, IL c1910
Bgchf1-1 Big Chief Postcard-Description
Bgchf1-2 Big Chief Motel
Bgchf2-1 Big Chief Postcard-Description
Bgchf3-1 Big Chief Postcard-Description
Bgchief1 Postcard Big Chief Main Building
Bgchief2 Postcard, Entrance of Big Chief Cabin Hotel
Bgchief3 Postcard, Dining Room of Big Chief Cabin Hotel
Bgchief4 Present & Former Owners, Big Chief Cabin Hotel
Bgchief5 Big Chief Menu Cover
Bgchief6 Big Chief Cabin Hotel, 1999
Boleshl Boles School
CbScout1 Cub Scouts, Pacific, Missouri, about 1959
CbScout2 Cub Scouts, Pacific, Missouri, about 1959
Centar Centar Railroad Station
Flod15-1 The Flood of 1915 – South Adelade
Flood15 The Flood of 1915 – Corner of First & Orleans
Hardtsto E. J. Hardt Grocery
K-store1 Kreienkamp Store from Melrose Road, 1915
K-store2 Kreienkamp Store, 1915
K-Store3 Grand Army of the Republic Members in front of the Kreienkamp Store
Pacific1 The Flood of 1915, Pacific, MO, looking East on Orleans Street
Pacific2 Postcard “Sand Bluff, Pacific, Missouri”
Pacific3 Postcard “Pacific Sand Glass Company, Pacific, MO”
Pacific4 Postcard “Meramec River, Pacific, MO”
Pacific5 Postcard “Wreck on Missouri Pacific RR near Pacific, MO, in which one man was killed”
Pacific6 Color Postcard “Greetings from Pacific, MO”
Pacific7 Color Postcard “Greetings from Pacific, MO”
Pacific8 Postcard “Pacific Base Ball Team, 1923”
Phs29 Pacific, MO, H. S. G. C. Nov. 1929
Phs29-1 Pacific, MO, H. S. Fr. Class, Nov., 1929
Pond1932 Pond, Missouri, 1932
School Allenton School, 1904-05
Seabaugh Seabaugh Building
Smithskl Smith School, 1917
T-beach Times Beach Store
Tavern99 Tavern “A” Class, 1899

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