The following records are in French in their early years. The column titles are as follows:

  Name Occupation Place of Birth Date of Birth Marital Status
  Parents’ Names Date of Entrance Date of Exit Date of Death Notes/Comment

In later years, when the records are in English, the dates and places of burial are also included.

You may also find it helpful to know these French words used in the records: celibataire (single), marié (married), epoux de (husband of), femme de (wife of), veuf de (widower of), veuve de (widow of).

PDF files that contain the scans of original documents are linked thru the scan links. The scanned pages contain all the information available from the church records. (Most files contain multiple years beginning with the year in the file link.)

PLEASE NOTE: These files contain two-page spreads. They were scanned, however, as single pages. When you find your person, be sure to continue to the next page for the remaining information.

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