The St. Louis tax list from 1811 is fairly short with only 176 entries; however, the name of the tax payer and the amount paid is included in this database. Further review of the St. Louis Republican newspaper article may provide additional information.

The 1811 tax list provides some interesting statistics. Within the young city there were only nineteen carriages, nine stores in town, eighty-two slaves with August Chouteau owning the most, eight.

This information is from a newspaper article from the St. Louis Republican dated 20 May 1877 available in the O. W. Collett Scrapbook at Missouri Historical Society Library.

Missouri Historical Society contributed this information for publication in the 2000 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 33, number 1, pages 7–10.

The Old Tax Lists of 1811 and 1812

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