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Established in 1949

This is a fairly modern congregation, beginning as a Sunday school in January 1949 with forty-three students meeting in portable classrooms at Busch School. The Sunday school was sponsored by Southampton Presbyterian Church, but the new group, under the leadership of Rev. William A. Murdoch, ultimately separated from the original church.

St. Andrew Church members erected a temporary structure in early 1950 at 6933 Hampton before buying land at Loughborough and Southland later that year. They were recognized as an independent congregation on 23 February 1951, when their membership had grown to 108.

They held their first service in the temporary building in early December 1950. They finally broke ground for their new church in February 1959, and on 20 December 1959 they held their first service in the building on Loughborough. The congregation reached a membership of more than 700 members by the end of 1966, although as of 2022, their numbers had greatly diminished.

Address: 5905 Loughborough Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63109:

Telephone No.: 314-353-0979:

No website at this time

Location 1950–1959: 6933 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63109

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.5731617, 90.2974905  View Map

Location 1959–present: 5905 Loughborough Avenue., St. Louis, Missouri 63109

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.5744638, -90.3048357   View Map

St. Andrew City
St. Andrew Presbyterian, 5905 Loughborough
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