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The following records from this congregation are available:

Baptisms, 1902–1916, 1920–1921

Marriages, 1914–1916, 1946–1976

Deaths, 1920–1937

Pastors, 1854–1944


Established: 1854; still open in 2021

This enduring congregation organized after a committee meeting on 24 September 1854 at the home of Henry Singleton. Services were held at Mr. Singleton’s home until the number of attendees outgrew the space, after which they moved into a log schoolhouse “across the street from the current church building. . .”

1st Presbyterian Church of Kirkwood
100 E. Adams, Kirkwood
Photo © 2011 Karl Blomberg, StLGS Digital Resource Archive
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By 1856, they had erected a small brick church on the same site on which the present church sits. According to the church’s website, “The new church faced on Webster Avenue, now Kirkwood Road. It was located in a grove of oak trees with a white picket fence between it and the street.” The church was served by “supply ministers” until 1867, when Dr. John R. Warner, a chaplain at the Battle of Gettysburg, became pastor; he served until his death almost thirty years later.

On 25 October 1888, the congregation began construction of a new stone building on the corner of Adams Avenue and Kirkwood Road. They held their first service in the new church at the end of June the following year. In 1929, they added a two-story building to the east side to serve as an education building. Called the “Norman Tower,” it served as the entrance to the building and still stands. A replacement education building made of brick was added in 1951; this structure provided more space for an expanded Sunday school and a fellowship hall.

The need for additional space in the sanctuary led to a building program that began in 1954 and culminated at a Christmas Eve service in 1957. Congregants now enjoyed the beauty of thirteen huge stained glass windows and a new organ. In 1980, more renovation led to the removal of the 1888 stone church, and in 2001, further renovations occurred throughout the building. Subsequent renovations and a newer organ took place throughout the early 2000s.

Address: 100 E. Adams Avenue, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122

Telephone: 314-965-0326


1854–Present (2021): Adams Avenue and Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood, MO 63122
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.5830219, -90.4081539    View Map

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