Protestant churches often were named based on their location and if a church moved with the membership, the name of the church may have changed accordingly.

Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

The Map

The Google map below reflects St. Louis in 2022. Each location of each congregation has been plotted on this map. For help using the map, visit Map Help below.

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Congregation Location Approximate Dates
All Saints Episcopal (formerly Mission of the Savior) 5010 Terry Avenue
2831 North Kingshighway Boulevard
Locust & Garrison Streets
21st & Washington Streets
11th & Washington Streets
6th & Cerre (Good Shepard) Streets
Ascension Episcopal 4520 Lucas & Hunt Roads, Northwoods
5872 Maple Avenue
Christ Church Cathedral 1210 Locust Street at 13th Street
5th & Chestnut Streets
3rd & Chestnut Streets
Christ Church Episcopal Church 320 North 13th Street 1860–
Church of the Advent 9373 Garber Road, Crestwood 1956–
Church of the Ascension 850 North Goodfellow Avenue 1889–1969
Church of the Epiphany 2154 Dougherty Ferry, Des Peres
2154 Dougherty Ferry, Kirkwood
Church of the Good Shepherd, Town & Country 1166 South Mason Road, Town & Country 1958–
Church of the Good Shepherd 2838 Salena Street 1899–
Church of the Holy Apostles 1244 Union 1895–1911
Church of the Holy Communion (This facility merged with Holy Communion Episcopal) 7401 Delmar Boulevard, University City
609 Leffingwell Avenue
Church of the Holy Innocents (This church merged with Mt. Calvary to become St. Mark's) Tholozan Avenue & Morganford Road 1871–1939
Emmanuel Episcopal 9 South Bompart Avenue, Webster Groves 1866–
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church 2838 Salena Street 1899–
Grace Episcopal 2600 Hadley Street
Hadley & Benton
Grace Episcopal, Kirkwood 514 East Argonne Drive, Kirkwood
216 East Argonne Drive, Kirkwood
Grace Hill Episcopal Church 2529 North 11th Street 1923–
Holy Communion Episcopal (This facility became Church of the Holy Communion) Morgan Street near Garrison 1869–1939
Mission of Our Savior (see All Saints Episcopal Church) 6th & Cerre (Good Shepard) Streets 1874–1880
Mount Calvary Episcopal (see St. Mark's)
Grand Boulevard and Park Avenue
Grand Boulevard and DeTonty Street
Prince of Peace Episcopal 8449 Halls Ferry Road 1916–1970
St. Alban's Episcopal 4321 North Grand Avenue
St. Andrew's Episcopal 1428 North Garrison Avenue 1891–
St. Andrew's Episcopal 4520 Lucas & Hunt Road, Northwoods 1951–
St. Augustine's Episcopal 7039 Bruno Street 1888–
St. Barnabas Episcopal 2900 St. Catherine, Florissant 1957–
St. Francis Episcopal 201 Rue de LaSalle, LaSalle Institute, Wildwood
11221 Larimore Road, Spanish Lake
St. Francis Episcopal 616 Stockell Dr, Eureka 1991–
St. George Episcopal Beaumont & Chestnut
Locust near 7th Street
St. John's Episcopal 3664 Arsenal Street 1841–
St. Louis First Episcopal Church 2nd Street, south of Walnut Street [38.623509,-90.186670] 1819-1839
St. Luke's Episcopal 1101 Sulphur Spring Road, Manchester
5th & Benton, Valley Park
St. Mark's Episcopal Church 4005 Washington Boulevard 1898–
St. Mark's Episcopal (This church was formed in 1939 with the merger of Holy Innocents and Mt. Calvary) 4714 Clifton Avenue at Murdoch Avenue 1939–
St. Martin's 15764 Clayton Road, Ellisville 1965–
St. Matthew's 1551 Bennett Avenue, Kirkwood
6266 Wilson Avenue
6319 Wilson Avenue
St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal 6340 Ellenwood Avenue, Clayton 1913–1928
St. Michael & St. George Episcopal Church 6345 Wydown Boulevard, Clayton 1928–
St. Paul's Episcopal, Overland Lackland Road & Verona Avenue, Overland
Woodson Road, Overland
9229 Lackland Road, Overland
St. Paul's Episcopal, Carondelet 6518 Michigan Avenue 1868–
St. Peter's Episcopal 110 North Warson Road, Ladue
Lindell & Spring
Grand & Olive
Jefferson & Olive
St. Phillip's Episcopal Church 1244 Union Boulevard 1911–1930
St. Stephen's Episcopal 1400 Park Avenue 1886–2004
St. Stephen's Episcopal 33 North Clay Avenue, Ferguson 1888–
St. Stephen's Episcopal Mission 520 Rutger
St. Thomas Mission of the Deaf 514 East Argonne Drive, Kirkwood
1120 Locust Avenue
St. Timothy's Episcopal 2852 North Euclid Avenue
St. Timothy's Episcopal, Creve Coeur 808 North Mason Road, Creve Coeur 1958–
The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion 7401 Delmar Boulevard, University City 1938–
Trinity Episcopal 600 North Euclid Avenue at Washington Street 1855–


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