Link to genealogical data for a Catholic church by clicking on the name below. If the name of the church is not a link, we currently have no genealogical data for that parish.

The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

Churches Last Address Approximate Dates
Basilica of St. Louis IX, King of France (Old Cathedral) 209 Walnut, St. Louis 1764–Open
Sacred Heart Catholic – Florissant 751 North Jefferson Street, Florissant 1866–Open
St. Joseph Catholic Church/Shrine 1220 North 11th Street, St. Louis 1843–Open
St. Peter Catholic Church – Kirkwood 243 West Argonne Dr., Kirkwood 1832–Open

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