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The List

Link to genealogical data for a Catholic church by clicking on the name below. If the name of the church is not a link, we currently have no genealogical data for that parish.

The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

Congregation Location Approximate Dates
All Saints (University City) 6403 Clemens Ave. 1901-Open
All Souls (Overland) 9550 Tennyson Ave. 1912-Open
Annunciation (Webster Groves) 12 W. Glendale Rd. 1950-Open
Annunziata, Church of the (Ladue) 9305 Clayton Rd. 1929-Open
Ascension (Chesterfield) 230 Santa Maria Dr. 1923-Open
Assumption (Mattese) 4725 Mattis Rd. 1839-Open
Basilica of St. Louis, King of France (The Old Cathedral) 209 Walnut St. 1770-Open
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Ferguson) 120 N. Elizabeth Ave 2005-Open
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis 4431 Lindell Blvd. 1896-Open
Christ the King (University City) 7316 Balson Ave. 1927-Open
Christ, Prince of Peace (Manchester) 415 Weidman Rd. 1971-Open
Curé of Ars (Shrewsbury) 670 S. Laclede Station Rd. 1966-Open
Epiphany of Our Lord (St. Louis) 6596 Smiley Ave. 1911-Open
Holy Family (Port Hudson) 124 Holy Family Church Rd. 1875-Open
Holy Infant (Ballwin) 627 Dennison Dr. 1954-Open
Holy Name of Jesus (Bissell Hills) 10235 Ashbrook Dr. 2005-Open
Holy Redeemer (Webster Groves) 17 Joy Ave. 1886-Open
Holy Spirit (Maryland Heights) 3130 Parkwood Ln. 2004-Open
Immacolata (Richmond Heights) 8900 Clayton Rd. 1945-Open
Immaculate Conception (Maplewood) 2934 Marshall Ave. 1904-Open
Immaculate Heart of Mary (St. Louis) 4092 Blow St. 1951-Open
Incarnate Word (Chesterfield) 13416 Olive Blvd. 1965-Open
Little Flower (Richmond Heights) 1264 Arch Ter. 1926-Open
Mary, Mother of the Church (Mattese) 5901 Kerth Rd. 1971-Open
Mary, Queen of Peace (Webster Groves) 676 W. Lockwood Ave. 1922-Open
Most Holy Trinity (St. Louis) 3519 N. Fourteenth St. 1848-Open
Most Sacred Heart (Eureka) 350 E. Fourth St. 1889-Open
Oratory of Sts. Gregory and Augustine (Richmond Heights) 7230 Dale Avenue 2007-Open
Our Lady of Guadalupe (Ferguson) 1115 S. Florissant Rd. 1954-Open
Our Lady of Lourdes (University City) 7148 Forsyth Blvd. 1916-Open
Our Lady of Providence (Crestwood) 8866 Pardee Rd. 1954-Open
Our Lady of Sorrows (St. Louis) 5020 Rhodes Ave. 1907-Open
Our Lady of the Holy Cross (St. Louis) 8115 Church Rd. 1993-Open
Our Lady of the Pillar (St. Louis) 401 S. Lindbergh Blvd. 1938-Open
Our Lady of the Presentation (Overland) 8860 Tudor Ave. 1915-Open
Queen of All Saints (Oakville) 6603 Christopher Dr. 1972-Open
Resurrection of Our Lord (St. Louis) 3900 Meramec St. 1930-Open
Sacred Heart (Florissant) 751 N. Jefferson St. 1866-Open
Sacred Heart (Valley Park) 17 Ann Ave. 1903-Open
Seven Holy Founders (Affton) 6741 S. Rockhill Rd. 1927-Open
St. Agatha (St. Louis) 3239 S. Ninth St. 1871-Open
St. Alban Roe (Wildwood) 2001 Shepard Rd. 1980-Open
St. Alphonsus Liguori (Rock) (St. Louis) 1118 N. Grand Blvd. 1872-Open
St. Ambrose (St. Louis) 5130 Wilson Ave. 1903-Open
St. Andrew (Lemay) 309 Hoffmeister Ave. 1905-Open
St. Andrew Kim (University City) 6403 Clemens Ave 2001-Open
St. Angela Merici (Florissant) 3860 N. Highway 67 1962-Open
St. Ann (Normandy) 7530 Natural Bridge Rd. 1856-Open
St. Anselm (Creve Coeur) 530 S. Mason Rd. 1966-Open
St. Anthony of Padua (St. Louis) 3140 Meramec St. 1863-Open
St. Augustine (St. Louis) 1371 Hamilton Ave. 1992-Open
St. Bernadette (Lemay) 68 Sherman Rd. 1947-Open
St. Catherine Laboure (Sappington) 9740 Sappington Rd. 1953-Open
St. Cecilia (St. Louis) 5418 Louisiana Ave. 1907-Open
St. Clare of Assisi (Ellisville) 15642 Clayton Rd. 1963-Open
St. Clement of Rome (Des Peres) 1510 Bopp Rd. 1952-Open
St. Cronan (St. Louis) 1202 S. Boyle Ave. 1878-Open
St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Crestwood) 1420 S. Sappington Rd. 1956-Open
St. Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist (St. Louis) 4330 Shreve Ave. 1994-Open
St. Ferdinand (Florissant) 1765 Charbonier Rd., Florissant 1788-Open
St. Francis De Sales Oratory (St. Louis) 2653 Ohio Ave. 1867-Open
St. Francis of Assisi (Oakville) 4556 Telegraph Rd. 1927-Open
St. Francis Xavier (College Church) (St. Louis) 3628 Lindell Blvd. 1841-Open
St. Gabriel the Archangel (St. Louis) 6303 Nottingham Ave. 1934-Open
St. Gerard Majella (Kirkwood) 1969 Dougherty Ferry Rd. 1955-Open
St. James the Greater (St. Louis) 6401 Wade Ave. 1860-Open
St. Joan of Arc (St. Louis) 5800 Oleatha Ave. 1940-Open
St. John Bosco (Creve Coeur) 12934 Marine Ave. 1972-Open
St. John Nepomuk Chapel (St. Louis) 1625 S. Eleventh St. 1854-Open
St. John Paul II (Affton) 4980 Heege Road 2018-Open
St. John the Baptist (St. Louis) 4200 Delor St. 1914-Open
St. John, Apostle and Evangelist (St. Louis) 15 Plaza Sq. 1847-Open
St. Joseph (Clayton) 106 N. Meramec Ave. 1842-Open
St. Joseph (Manchester) 567 St. Joseph Ln. 1865-Open
St. Joseph, Shrine of (St. Louis) 1220 N. Eleventh St. 1844-Open
St. Joseph-Croatian (St. Louis) 2112 S. Twelfth St. 1904-Open
St. Jude (Overland) 2218 N. Warson Rd. 1953-Open
St. Justin Martyr (Sunset Hills) 11910 Eddie and Park Rd. 1964-Open
St. Louis Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church Byzantine Eparchy of Parma 320 E. Ripa Ave. 1904-Open
St. Luke the Evangelist (Richmond Heights) 7230 Dale Ave. 1914-Open
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Mehlville) 4900 Ringer Rd. 1962-Open
St. Margaret of Scotland (St. Louis) 3854 Flad Ave. 1900-Open
St. Mark (Lemay) 4200 Ripa Ave. 2003-Open
St. Martin De Porres (Hazelwood) 615 Dunn Rd. 1962-Open
St. Martin of Tours (Lemay) 610 W. Ripa Ave. 1939-Open
St. Mary Magdalen (Brentwood) 2618 Brentwood Blvd. 1912-Open
St. Mary Magdalen (Church of the Magdalen) (St. Louis) 4924 Bancroft Ave. 1919-Open
St. Mary of Victories Chapel (St. Louis) 744 South 3rd Street 1843-Open
St. Matthew the Apostle (St. Louis) 2715 N. Sarah St. 1893-Open
St. Matthias (Lemay) 796 Buckley Rd. 1959-Open
St. Michael the Archangel (Shrewsbury) 7622 Sutherland Ave. 1895-Open
St. Monica (Creve Coeur) 12136 Olive Blvd. 1872-Open
St. Nicholas (St. Louis) 701 N. 18th St. 1865-Open
St. Norbert (Florissant) 16455 New Halls Ferry Rd. 1965-Open
St. Paul (Fenton) 15 Forest Knoll Dr. 1907-Open
St. Peter (Kirkwood) 243 W. Argonne Dr. 1832-Open
St. Pius V (St. Louis) 3310 S. Grand Blvd. 1905-Open
St. Raphael the Archangel (St. Louis) 6047 Bishops Pl. 1950-Open
St. Raymond’s Cathedral 931 Lebanon Drive 1911-Open
St. Richard (Creve Coeur) 11223 Schuetz Rd. 1963-Open
St. Rita (Vinita Park) 8240 Washington St. 1914-Open
St. Roch (St. Louis) 6052 Waterman Blvd. 1911-Open
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne (Florissant) 1210 Paddock Dr. 2005-Open
St. Sabina (Florissant) 1365 Harkee Dr. 1960-Open
St. Simon the Apostle (Green Park) 11011 Mueller Rd. 1959-Open
St. Stephen Protomartyr (St. Louis) 3949 Wilmington Ave. 1926-Open
St. Vincent de Paul (St. Louis) 1408 S. Tenth St. 1841-Open
St. Wenceslaus (St. Louis) 3014 Oregon Ave. 1895-Open
Ste. Genevieve du Bois (Warson Woods) 1575 N. Woodlawn Ave. 1956-Open
Sts. Mary and Joseph Chapel (St. Louis) C/O 3949 Wilmington Ave. 1821-Open
Sts. Peter and Paul (St. Louis) 1919 S. Seventh St. 1849-Open
Sts. Teresa & Bridget (St. Louis) 3636 N. Market St. 2003-Open

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