Do you have a St. Louis Ancestor?

Add their story to our biography collection!


In honor of Missouri’s 200th birthday in 2021, StLGS began the St. Louis City/County Biographies project. We invite StLGS members or non-members to submit short biographies and accompanying photos of their St. Louis City/County ancestors. Each bio should be no longer than 500 words and each photo should be a high quality JPG image; please submit all writing and photos electronically. You may submit as many bios as you like.

The bios and photos of St. Louis residents are in a new area on the society website. StLGS volunteers are indexing all of the bios so it is easy to find both the subjects of the bios and other family members mentioned within them.

Click here for a copy of the flyer with exact information, a list of items to include, and a sample essay.

How do you participate?

    • Write your essay(s) on anyone who lived in St. Louis City or County at any time in the past. No information on living people, please.
    • Email your essay(s)to the StLGS office. . All essays should be in MS Word or Pages for the Mac files. Please do NOT send PDFs. If you have a photo of your ancestor, send that along too but be sure you label it with your person’s name.
    • Your essay(s) and photo(s) are subject to editing and will only be placed on our website after you have signed a release form.
    • Please do NOT send any written essays or graphic files that are not your own original work. We will NOT accept any material that may be under copyright.

What about privacy?

We respect your right to privacy and will never share your contact information without your consent. Your name will appear on your bio but your email address will not. If someone wants to contact you, they will do it via our Ask Louie research committee, who will let you know if someone is interested in reaching you.



Take a look at the flyer linked above.


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