Herman Bremer was born on 28 July 1846 in Suderau, northwest of Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, to Hinrich Bremer and Rebecka Ludemann.

Herman married Auguste Louise Koch on 26 April 1873 in Berlin, Germany. In the 1870s, he served in the German army during the Franco Prussian War. He and Auguste immigrated to the U.S. with their children, arriving on the ship Hammonia in New York on 19 May 1884. They lived at 1408 N. Ninth Street, 2020 N. Eighth Street, 811 Mallinckrodt Street (for five years), 3726 N. Ninth Street, 1519 Bremen Avenue, 4914 N. Broadway, and then their final address from 1905 until his death in 1936 was 5009-5011 N. Broadway.

Herman Bremer was admitted as a citizen of the U.S. by the Circuit Court of St. Louis on 24 February 1898, at age fifty-one. He shod horses and worked as a blacksmith. As a wagon maker, he put the iron tires around wagon wheels.

Herman Bremer died at his home on 24 March 1936 of chronic myocarditis with asthma at age eighty-nine years, seven months, twenty-six days. He and Auguste are buried in Frieden’s Cemetery in St. Louis.

Their children were as follows:

    • Elizabeth Bremer, born 4 October 1874 in Germany and died 15 June 1923 in St. Louis, married Fred Schuermann on 30 April 1898.
    • Anna Bremer, born 18 September 1876 in Berlin and died 6 February 1937 in St. Louis, married 1) Charles Ceilley on 28 April 1897, divorced; 2) Frederick J. Wehmeyer on 7 July 1908.
    • Paul Frederick Herman Bremer, born 12 August 1878 in Berlin and died 13 August 1949 in St. Louis, married Clara Schuermann on 29 April 1903.
    • Emma M. Bremer, born 27 October 1880 in Berlin and died 15 April 1924 in Milwaukee. Wisconsin, married John Phillip Mayer on 26 September 1900 in St. Louis.
    • Marie Auguste Bremer, born 1 November 1882 in Berlin and died 14 April 1962 in Milwaukee, married 1) Edward Boding on 25 September 1906; and 2) John Philip Mayer on 24 November 1925 in Milwaukee.
    • Herman H. Bremer, born 28 December 1884 and died 30 May 1942, married Anna B. Bachmann on 1 June 1909, all in St. Louis.
    • Amalie “Mollie” Bremer, born 24 October 1887 and died 4 June 1933, married Harry Gottlieb Brune on 3 June 1908, all in St. Louis.

The accompanying photos show Herman’s blacksmithing and wagon manufacturing business.

Written by Marian Brune McCreary
June 2017

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Herman Bremer
Herman Bremer
Photo in the collection of Marian McCreary
Used with permission
H. Bremer and Sons
H. Bremer and Sons, exterior
Photo in the collection of Marian McCreary
Used with permission
Bremer Blacksmith Shop
Bremer Blacksmith Shop, interior
Photo in the collection of Marian McCreary
Used with permission

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