Many communities and neighborhoods in the metropolitan St. Louis area have historical societies. They produce local publications and maintain historical files, which are available to the public.


Affton Historical Society
7801 Genesta
PO Box 28855
Affton, Missouri 63123


Ballwin Government Center
14811 Manchester Rd.
Ballwin, Missouri 63011

Black Jack

Black Jack Historical Commission
12500 Old Jamestown Rd
Black Jack, Missouri 63033


Brentwood Historical Society
8764 Rosalie
Brentwood, Missouri 63144


Bridgeton Historical Commission
PO Box 922
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044-0922

Bridgeton Historical Society
11955 Natural Bridge Rd.
Bridgeton, Missouri 63044


Carondelet Historical Society
6303 Michigan Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63111


Chesterfield Historic Commission
690 Chesterfield Parkway West
Chesterfield, Missouri 63017

Concord – See Sappington

Creve Coeur

Creve Coeur Chesterfield Historical Society
c/o City Hall
300 N. New Ballas Road
Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141


Eureka Historical Society
108 N. Central
Eureka, Missouri 63025


Fenton Historical Museum
1 Church St.
Fenton, Missouri 63026


Ferguson Historical Society
315 Darst St.
Ferguson, Missouri 63135-2429

Ferguson Landmarks Commission
110 Church St.
Ferguson, Missouri 63135


Florissant Valley Historical Society
PO Box 298
Florissant, Missouri 63032

Florissant Landmark & Historic District Commission
City of Florissant
955 Rue St. Francois
Florissant, Missouri 63031

Friends of Old St. Ferdinand
PO Box 222
1 Rue St. Francois
Florissant, Missouri 63032

Heritage Foundation of Florissant(Coldwater School)
3232 Douglas Rd.
Florissant, Missouri 63034

Historic Florissant
1067 Dunn Rd.
Florissant, Missouri 63031


Glendale Historical Society
Glendale City Hall
424 N. Sappington Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63122


Hazelwood Historic PreservationCommission
6800 Howdershell Rd.
Hazelwood, Missouri 63042


Jennings Historical Society
8741 Jennings Station Rd.
Jennings, Missouri 63136-6308


Kirkwood Historical Society
PO Box 220602
302 W. Argonne
Kirkwood, Missouri 63122


Old Trails Historical Society
PO Box 852
Manchester, Missouri 63011


Historical Society of Maplewood
7844 Manchester Rd.
Maplewood, Missouri 63143

Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights Historical Society
1225 Prinster
St. Louis, Missouri 63146


Normandy Area Historical Association
PO Box 210208
7450 Natural Bridge Rd.
Normandy, Missouri 63121


Oakland Historic Preservation Commission
PO Box 220511
Oakland, Missouri 63122


Overland Historical Society
9711 Lackland Rd.
Overland, Missouri 63114


Meramec Station Historical Society
20 Fernridge Ave.
Valley Park, Missouri 63088

Pasadena Hills

Pasadena Hills Historic Preservation Commission
3915 Roland Blvd.
Pasadena Hills, Missouri 63114

Richmond Heights

Richmond Heights Historical Society
1203 Claytonia Terrace
Richmond Heights, Missouri 63117

Rock Hill

Rock Hill Historic Preservation Commission
1516 Blue Bell Lane
Rock Hill, Missouri 63119-1216

St. Louis County

Historical Society of St. Louis County
7900 Carondelet Ave.
Clayton, Missouri 63105


Sappington-Concord Historical Society

Sappington House Foundation
1015 S. Sappington Rd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63128

1844 Concord School Log Cabin Historical Society
12938 Baalbek Dr.
St. Louis, Missouri 63127


Shrewsbury Historical Society
5200 Shrewsbury Ave.
Shrewsbury, Missouri 63119

South County

South County Matlock
4378 Southview Way
St. Louis, Missouri 63129

Spanish Lake

Spanish Lake Historical Society
12659 Spanish Pond Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63138

Sunset Hills

Sunset Hills Historical Society
12815 Sunset Glen
St. Louis, Missouri 63127

Town & Country

Town & Country Historical Society
1011 Municipal Center Dr.
Town & Country, Missouri 63131

University City

Historical Society of University City
6701 Delmar Blvd.
University City, Missouri 63130

University City Historic Preservation Commission
6801 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

Valley Park

Meramec Station Historical Society
356 Meramec Station Rd.
Valley Park, Missouri 63088-1529

Webster Groves

Webster Groves Historical Society
1155 S. Rock Hill Rd.
Webster Groves, Missouri 63119


Wildwood Historic Commission
16992 Manchester Rd.
Wildwood, Missouri 63040

Wildwood Historical Society
PO Box 125
Wildwood, Missouri 63040

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