Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, meetings for 2021 will continue to be held as webinars and will be recorded when possible. All times listed are for the Central Time Zone. In-person meetings, which are co-sponsored by St. Louis County Library, 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri 63131, will resume at the library when deemed safe for all concerned. All events require advance registration and instructions for each event will be posted on the appropriate page on this website.

Many of our meetings are now available as digital recordings.

Sat., 9 October Webinar 10:00 a.m. Monthly Meeting: St. Louis History Through Maps
Emily Jaycox
In its earliest days, St. Louis fit roughly where the Arch grounds are today. Follow the city’s growth from a small village to a modern metropolis, focusing on maps as documents of change. Registration for this meeting is now open on the Monthly Meeting page.
Tues., 26 October
7:00 p.m. Irish SIG Meeting: Placing an Irish Ancestor into StLGS’s First Families
Kay Weber
Bernard/Barney/Brian King was an Irish immigrant who came to Missouri as a child with his parents during the infamous potato famine. Careful research led to placing him in St. Louis before the Civil War and recognizing him in the First Families program. You can honor your early ancestors by enrolling them in a lineage society with knowledge of the process. Registration for this meeting is now open on the Irish SIG page.
Sat., 13 November Webinar 10:00 a.m. Monthly Meeting: Ohio Valley Pioneers: Using the John Dabney Shane Collection
Dan Lilienkamp
John Dabney Shane conducted interviews in the Ohio River Valley during the early nineteenth century. Discover the value of this under-utilized resource. Registration for this meeting will open soon.
Sun., 5 December Webinar 1:00 p.m. Jewish SIG Meeting: How to Navigate the Pale of Settlement in the Russian Empire Dr. Hillel Kieval
Learn about the emergence and the history of the Pale of Settlement in Imperial Russia, focusing on the international context in which it developed, what its shifting boundaries were, and the impact it had on Jewish life in Eastern Europe so we may better understand how and where we might search for our ancestors’ records. Registration for this meeting will open soon.

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