2018 Family History Conference Featured Speakers

Pam Sayre, CG, FUGA

Pam Sayre
Pam Sayre is a professional researcher, educator, author, and lecturer. She developed, coordinated, and taught the “Methods and Resources” course at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research from 2007–2017, and she continues to co-coordinate and teach in several courses at Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Pam is former NGS director of education and publications, a former board member of NGS and FGS, and a former editor of APGQ. She is a popular seminar presenter who has spoken at genealogy conferences and seminars nationwide and on international cruises. Pam is proud to be a life member of St. Louis Genealogical Society.

Mike Bridwell

Mike Bridwell is a library assistant in the History and Genealogy Department at the St. Louis County Library. He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His research expertise is primarily focused on Irish and African-American genealogy.

John Dougan

John Dougan, archivist, is the chief administrator for the Records and Archives Division of the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The Missouri State Archives’ dedication to online access for genealogical records is reflected in the resources available through the Missouri State Archives and Missouri Digital Heritage websites.

Ann Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS

Ann Fleming is a nationally known author, lecturer, and instructor. She is a past-president of both StLGS and the National Genealogical Society. Her articles have appeared in numerous genealogical publications, and her books: The Organized Family Historian, NGS Research in Missouri, and the St. Louis Family History Research Guide, are best sellers in the genealogical community.

Dan Lilienkamp

Dan Lilienkamp is a reference specialist for History & Genealogy at the St. Louis County Library. Dan earned a B.A. in history from Texas Lutheran University and a J.D. from Tulane. He has expertise in African-American, German, Alsace/Lorraine, and French Canadian (Quebec) genealogy. Dan is particularly interested in complex sources and enjoys developing tools and programs to help researchers best utilize them.

Ilene Murray

Ilene Murray has been a featured speaker at local conferences and has taught genealogy and computer classes throughout the St. Louis area. Ilene is the StLGS publications director, the editor of StLGS News Flash, (the society’s blog), and co-leader of the society’s annual research trip to Salt Lake City. She is the author of University City, Missouri, Its People and Events, 1906–1931.

Carol Whitton, CG

Carol Whitton speaks and writes on German research, U.S. migration, and other genealogical topics. She serves as projects director for StLGS and is the leader of the society’s German Special Interest Group. Carol is a graduate of the Germanic Family History Research class at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the National Institute for Genealogical Research, and the Virginia Institute for Genealogical Research.


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