2022 Program Sessions

Archival Collections & Genealogy: Illinois

Presented by Dr. David McDonald

The Illinois State Archives at Springfield is a tremendous resource for researchers, and their colonial-era holdings can impact research in Missouri-focused families. Originals of many state documents are held near the State Capitol, just a short drive from St. Louis.

Planning and Organizing a Research Trip

Presented by Ilene Murray

Before you leave your home, there are so many things you can do to ensure success on a research trip. Planning ahead is a key to success, and we will explore strategies to help you make the most of a trip to a repository, cemetery, or an ancestral location.

The Draper Manuscripts and the Wisconsin State Archives & Library

Presented by Dr. David McDonald

“The Drapers” were assembled by the Wisconsin State librarian in the mid-third of the nineteenth century, and they contain an amazing array of unique manuscripts and documents. The Wisconsin State Archives offers an outstanding collection of both state and national archival material. Both are worth consulting for your research.

The State Historical Society of Missouri: Who, What, When, Where?

Presented by Amy Waters

Senior librarian, Amy Waters, will present a general overview of the State Historical Society of Missouri research centers and collections.

Top Genealogy Libraries in the Midwest

Presented by Dr. David McDonald

We will consider the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, public libraries across Illinois and Iowa, and university collections in Madison, Champaign, and Iowa City. We will also look at specialty libraries, some connected to religious or ethnic communities, both in-house and online collections.

Missouri State Archives . . . Where History Begins

Presented by Christina Miller

As the official repository for state government records, the Missouri State Archives holds an abundance of genealogical resources, including more than 70,000 reels of county records on microfilm. Discover what is available and how to research at the archives by using online databases, finding aids, or submitting research requests.

The Presidential Library System

Presented by Dr. David McDonald

Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, and Kansas each house a presidential library, part of the National Archives and Records Administration system. Illinois, which currently has the Lincoln Library in Springfield, will soon have another, and there are similar institutions in several other states, all of which are working facilities with vast amounts of information that may be helpful to genealogists as well as historians.

Records in the Courthouse

Presented by Carol Whitton, CG

Courthouses contain many records. Have you seen them all? How will you find these records? Are they online or will you have to visit in person? What might you learn from them?


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