2021 Program Sessions

U.S. Military Pension Files: A Window into Your Veteran’s Life

Presented by Patti Hobbs, CG

Every pension file is unique, as is the experience of the soldier. Through these files you can uncover the trials and tribulations of veterans and their families, as well as genealogical information. This session covers identifying ancestors with pension records, obtaining the records, and discovering details included in the files.

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum: An Overview

Presented by Mike Venso

Military and Firearms Curator, Mike Venso, will provide a brief history of Soldiers Memorial and an overview of its recent renovations and improvements that help illuminate the rich heritage of military service and history in St. Louis.

Migration to Missouri

Presented by Patti Hobbs, CG

Many factors drew various population groups to Missouri. Where did Missourians come from? This presentation describes the people who came to Missouri, why they came, and the paths they traveled on the way.

Family History Research at the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library

Presented by Sara Hodge

From shipping and commerce, to travel and communication, the flow of rivers shaped many of our ancestors’ lives. During the past thirty-five years, the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library has built one of the most extensive collections of historical waterways materials in the nation. Learn about the resources available there and how you can use them for your family history research.

Tracking Territorial Families through Missouri Repositories, Part 1

Presented by Patti Hobbs, CG

This is the first of two lectures highlighting Missouri resources and repositories as we follow three families who came to Missouri before statehood. Two of the families, one from Pennsylvania and one from Virginia, converged in northern Kentucky before arriving in 1804. The third traveled from North Carolina to the Missouri Territory via Tennessee and Kentucky. In this first talk, we will explore the available records from Missouri’s pre-statehood period.

Finding Female Ancestors

Presented by Jake Eubanks

The resolution of “brick wall problems” often hinges on identifying women. Where do you look and what strategies can you employ to locate female ancestors?

Tracking Territorial Families through Missouri Repositories, Part 2

Presented by Patti Hobbs, CG

In this continuation from the first part of Ms. Hobbs’ lecture, follow three families into the years after Missouri became a state in 1821. Learn what records and repositories are available to assist with more “modern” Missouri research and perhaps get some hints on how to track early ancestors in other states.

Our Missouri Irish Immigrants

Presented by Carol Hemmersmeier and Kay Weber

Join the co-leaders of StLGS’s Irish Special Interest Group to hear about the Irish immigrant settlers of the territory that would become Missouri, as well as the Irish immigrants who came later to help build our cities. Learn how and why they came, where they settled, and the surprising contributions they made to Missouri society from the early days on the frontier to modern times.

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