2023 Program Sessions


Through the Golden Door: Immigration After the Civil War

Presented by Judy Russell

America’s doors were open to all before the Civil War with few restrictions. Afterwards, however, the laws tightened. How did immigration laws affect your ancestors? What hoops did they have to jump through to enter America’s “golden door”?

Documents to Databases: Using the Missouri State Archives’ Newest Resource

Presented by John Dougan

The new County and Municipal Records Database provides online access to thousands of local resources, including deed, court, tax, and marriage books. Learn what records are included, how to view the images, and best practices for searching.

Advertising the Law: The Gems in the Legal Notices

Presented by Judy Russell

So many statutes required notice that someone wanted something done, and the legal notices in newspapers can be priceless sources of genealogical clues.

Documents to Databases: Using the Missouri State Archives’ Land and Judicial Databases

Presented by Christina Miller

Learn how to use the Archives’ Land, Supreme Court, and Judicial Databases: the records that are included, how to view them, and tips on how to search.

Of Delinquents and Common Scolds: Women, Children, and Criminal Justice

Presented by Judy Russell

The crimes only women could commit—the things that landed kids in jail—all created records for genealogists to use in our family histories.

Findmypast: Your Source for Irish and British Research

Presented by Jen Baldwin

This Zoom session will be a beginner’s guide to the Findmypast website and historical records collection featuring the 1921 Census of England and Wales, the Catholic Heritage Archives, and an extensive collection of newspapers from across Great Britain and Ireland.

After the Courthouse Burns: Rekindling Family History through DNA

Presented by Judy Russell

Catastrophic records loss due to fires and disasters at courthouses are facts of life for genealogists. When a disaster takes out a variety of important records in one fell swoop, it may still be possible to light our family’s research fires—to rekindle our interest in our ancestral roots—using DNA evidence.

Why You Should Care Where Your Family Bible Is

Presented by Greg Hilton

Follow stories of reuniting lost family Bibles with descendants as you discover why these treasures are so important to your research and where they might be found.


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