2018 Program Sessions


47A Finding What You Need on Ancestry.com

Presented by Pam Sayre, CG, FUGA

Ancestry contains vast numbers of genealogy records. This session demonstrates how to effectively search and use workarounds to find the record with the answers you need, understand exactly what the source is, and cite it within Ancestry Tree or your own genealogy program or word processor.

47B Exploring FindMyPast

Presented by Mike Bridwell

Get an overview of the FindMyPast database, a valuable tool for researching your ancestors from the British Isles.

47C Delving Deeper into Ancestry.com Resources

Presented by Pam Sayre, CG, FUGA

Ancestry.com contains much more than family trees or DNA results. Learn to use all the site’s resources to find your family, from digitized books to Ancestry Academy online courses to collaboration with others.

47D One Story, Many Sources: An Interconnected Narrative Drawn from the Missouri State Archives’ Database

Presented by John Dougan

What happens when you stumble across a previously undocumented site on public land that does not appear in any modern sources? Connecting a specific place and time to the people who lived there can be a challenge, especially when you have nowhere to start.

47E Tools for Understanding DNA Results

Presented by Ann Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS

DNA testing offers a new opportunity to identify ancestors. Learn about various tools to organize and understand your test results. (PLEASE NOTE: This is an intermediate level lecture.)

47F Does That Even Make Sense?

Presented by Dan Lilienkamp

Online trees: a genealogist’s friend or foe? Learn tools for evaluating whether the information in online trees should be added to your own work.

47G Finding What You Need on FamilySearch.org

Presented by Pam Sayre, CG, FUGA

FamilySearch is digitizing more than two million rolls of microfilm on its free website. This session demonstrates search techniques and methods for finding just what you need in all those online images, even when they are not yet indexed.

47H Organize DNA Results Using Spreadsheets

Presented by Carol Whitton, CG

Hesitant to use spreadsheets because they are unfamiliar? Review basic spreadsheet techniques. See how to apply these techniques to creating and interpreting your own DNA spreadsheets.

47I More FamilySearch

Presented by Pam Sayre, CG, FUGA

Beyond plugging in a name and date and hitting the search button, harness the powerful learning and sharing tools on the FamilySearch website. Find and use myriad research guides, instructional videos/courses, and digitized books, and share photos and documents with newly discovered distant cousins.

47J Books, Books, and More Books: Online and Easy to Access

Presented by Ilene Murray

County histories, family genealogies, city directories, self-published manuscripts, and many more are all available online. Discover where some of those books are and how to use some of the popular websites on which they are posted.


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