• In order to see the congregation locations, you will need to zoom into the map.
      • Do so by using the scroll wheel on your mouse.
      • Alternatively, you can click on the plus/minus icons on the upper left of the map.
      • The satellite map view can be rotated by:
        Selecting the satellite view , selecting the 3D view , Rotating the image left or right

    • The clickable link to the St Louis Genealogical Society page with the full list of congregrations is at the top left
    • The range of the years that the congregations have been opened can be modified with the control in the lower left corner
    • Clicking on the congregation icons will bring up info on that congregation
    • To get the coordinates of any point you can right-click to get an info bubble which has a Google Maps link .
    • Clicking the little broken square in the upper right of the map enters full screen, which will also enlarge the map.
    • To exit the full screen, just press the Escape (ESC) key on the upper far left of your keyboard.
    • To move to the current GPS location of your laptop or phone you can click on the arrow icon . You will be asked initially to allow the interface to use your GPS location.