Founded in St. Louis in 1908, the Beer Bottlers’ Benevolent Society was one of many such fraternal organizations organized to provide insurance benefits to its members. In this case, of course, the members worked in the growing St. Louis beer brewing industry as bottlers. Member dues were collected to form a pool of money that could then be used to pay benefits to the family of members at their deaths.


The society was organized at a meeting held at Dewey Hall on 19 August 1908. Dewey Hall was located at 2301 South Broadway (at the corner of Shenandoah) and was a meeting hall used for area labor union meetings.


The St. Louis Genealogical Society has a copy of the membership register for the years 1908 through 1912. This register provides the member’s name, address, date of membership, date of birth, and the name and relationship of the member’s beneficiary. The society also holds copies of a very few member certificates. The certificate also identifies the member’s beneficiary. This collection also includes minutes of the Benevolent Society meetings, from its founding in 1908 through July 1935. These minutes, while not indexed, can provide additional insight into the details of its operation and its members.


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