File Folders

The Society maintains a collection of surname files at its office. These materials have been donated over many years by members and friends of the Society. They are housed in vertical files (manila file folders) and may be searched in person at the Society’s office.

The contents in any particular file may vary widely, but may contain items such as:

  • Pedigree charts
  • Family group sheets
  • Newspaper articles
  • Photocopies from books or journals
  • Correspondence

The Society has collected these materials and makes them available for review, but has not verified their contents.


At the present time, these may be viewed at the office. We are working on an index for our website.

Because one surname file may contain papers related to many related surnames, a cross-reference database has been created to help visitors locate information on a particular surname of interest. This database is by no means complete, but it provides a useful finding aid to much of the information contained in these files.


Neither the files nor their contents may be removed from the office. Photocopies of papers in these files may be made for the price of twenty-five cents per page.
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