Monthly Newsletter

St. Louis Genealogical Society members receive a monthly newsletter called News ‘n Notes as one of the benefits of their membership. The newsletter is filled with information on society special events, monthly meetings, and new and ongoing projects.

Electronic Delivery

Our News ‘n Notes is now delivered to all new members via e-mail. Members without e-mail service may elect to receive their monthly newsletter through the postal mail. Members who previously received their journal by postal mail may switch to e-mail delivery at any time. Each month, subscribers receive e-mail notification that the current News ‘n Notes is available. Clicking on the Internet link in this e-mail message will open the newsletter in your browser (Mac) or in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC). Home subscribers may then either view the newsletter online or print a copy to their local printer.

To change your postal mail subscription to e-mail service, simply:

  1. Be a member of the Society (click here to join).
  2. Be logged in as a member to this website (click on the “Log In” link near the top of the page).
  3. Click on this Electronic News ‘n Notes link.

Advantages of receiving your News ‘n Notes electronically include:

  • More timely delivery. No more postal service delays! And it will always arrive in perfect condition (no torn corners).
  • View the newsletter in color. Often, illustrations are captured in color, but our print newsletter is in black and white only.
  • All Internet links are live. Within the Adobe Acrobat Reader, clicking on a link automatically opens your Web browser and takes you to that link.
  • Past issues can be saved on your home computer for later reference, electronically.
  • Individual articles or pages can be printed.

If you are a member and have missed an issue or need to get another copy, you can access the past twelve issues online. If you are logged in, click on “Benefits of Membership” on the home page. OR click here for access now.


Monthly issues of News ‘n Notes usually contain:

  • A monthly column from the society president
  • News of upcoming conferences and workshops
  • Short articles of general genealogical interest
  • Society fliers, registration pamphlets, and other pertinent, time-sensitive information

Members are welcome to submit articles for the newsletter. Anything submitted should be a page or less in length and can be sent as a MS Word attachment via e-mail to Questions, suggestions, or comments should be sent to the same address.

To keep abreast with current news as it is being announced, we urge members and non-members alike to join our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and our blog, StLGS News Flash. All of these are free and allow us to supplement News ‘n Notes as we never could before.

Last modified: 22-Jun-2016 12:22