St. John Nepomuk 65th Ann. Messenger Index
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St. John Nepomuk Messenger Index

Index to the individuals mentioned in the St. John Nepomuk 65th Anniversary Messenger.

You will need to look over the index carefully for your people. There are places in the magazine where people are referred to by initials only and other places where full names are given. We have no way of knowing whether W. Betlach and William Betlach are the same people, so they are indexed separately. On the other hand, we are fairly sure that Gene and Jean Barta are the same person; hence, they are indexed as one. There is a separate column for those individuals who have photos. The Misc. Notes column contains information about titles and roles people played in the Sodalities. In addition, those who took out ads in the last few pages are indicated by the size of the ad, which is in parentheses.

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Showing records 1 to 50 of 578.

NameMisc. NotesPage No.Picture on Page No.
Adamec, Fr. 12
Albrecht, G. 12
Albrecht, R. 12
Altgilbers, L. 12
Aschenbrener, Joe 12
Babka, Anna 8
Babka, Elizabeth 8
Babka, Joseph 42
Backer, Joseph 'Joe' 12, 26, 28, 29
Bakula, Jos. 6
Bakula, Mary 8
Barcal, Helen 12
Barcal, Jos. 12
Barcal, Stella 12, 34
Barta, Anna 12
Barta, E./Emil Assistant Director Carmelita Dramatic Club, Y. M. S. Treasurer 12, 28 22
Barta, Gene/Jean Vice-President Carmelita Drama Club 12, 28, 38 25
Barta, Mary 12
Bartos, Jos. 6
Baskel, Frances 8
Bauer, William 34
Bauer, Father, Father O. S. B. 12, 36, 40
Baumruk, Barbara 8
Baumruk, Jos. 6
Becvar, Loretta 12
Benda, Barbara 8
Benda, Philomena 8
Betlach, J. 12
Betlach, Matilda 12
Betlach, R. 12
Betlach, R. J. 12
Betlach/Bettlach, Rudolph 'Rudy' Vice-President, Y. M. S. 46 21
Betlach, W. 12
Betlach/Bettlach, William Y.M.S. Financial Secretary 38, 48 18
Bickel, Ed. 28
Bilek, John 6
Bilka, Rose 8
Blahovec, Genevieve Treasurer Y. L. S. 12 19
Blahovec, John 6
Bleha, Charles Father 3, 10
Borusiewich, N. Lee Furniture Co., (eighth-page ad)
Boska, Mary 8
Bozdech, Mat. 6
Brcak, Wenc. 6
Bronislava, Sister 40
Broussard, Father 48
Broz, A. 12
Broz, Andy 26, 28
Broz, Anthony Carmelita Club President 28 23

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