Old Bonhomme Presbyterian Births & Baptisms, 1840-1890
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Old Bonhomme Presbyterian Births & Baptisms, 1840-1890

The members of this church were from Bonhomme Township in St. Louis County. Some of the early family members were Conway, Mason, Baxter, and Wood. Roads in the area reflect these names.

The associated pages contain the name of the member, the date of the event, and the name of the event. The events included new church memberships and dismissals and some vital events, including a separate list of births and baptisms. Currently, this church is located on Conway Road in Chesterfield, Missouri.

St. Louis Genealogical Society volunteer Mrs. Alfred H. Kerth Jr. transcribed this data from microfilm records at Missouri Historical Society. Additional information about the early families is included as is the Bonhomme cemetery and two family cemeteries.

This information was published in the 1979 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 12, number 2, pages 43–49.

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NameBirthdateBaptism DateNotes
Albright, Ann E. 23 Sep 1852
Albright, Arthur 7 Jan 1871
Albright, Eugene 7 Jan 1871
Albright, John Loper 7 Jan 1871
Albright, Richard E. 3 Jun 1851
Andreas, Elizabeth 2 Jun 1862
Andreas, Samuel Conrad 2 Jun 1862
Bates, Conway 4 Jul 1858
Bates, Lucia Lee 1868 Only year given, probable Baptismal date
Boothe, Andrew B. 24 May 1858
Boothe, Charles H. 13 Oct 1853
Boothe, John McKnight 2 Jun 1862
Boston, John 10 Oct 1852
Boston, Missouri E. 10 Oct 1852
Boteler, Conway 15 Dec 1877
Boteler, Donald 31 Aug 1884
Boteler, Lanham 13 May 1882
Boteler, Nettie 13 May 1882
Boteler, Paul 15 Dec 1877
Botteler, Mary Ellen 2 Apr 1843 Adult

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