Early Records from Manchester, Missouri, Methodist Church
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Early Records from Manchester (Missouri) Methodist Church

Manchester Methodist is one of the oldest Methodist churches in St. Louis. The records reflect the names of many early residents. Some of these same families are buried in the church cemetery.

Baptismal, marriage, death, new members, election of stewards, and attendance at conferences are the types of records included in this collection.

Virginia Guinther and Jacqueline Whitworth transcribed this information first published in 1988 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 21, number 3, pages 73–75.


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Bayer, Theodore T. Sutton, Mary H. 7 Jun 1899
Bennett, Andrew T. Reinhard, Daisy 5 Jun 1893
Bopp, George Linss, Mattie 11 May 1904
Brooks, Hays M. Buford, Emma, Mrs. 17 Mar 1906
Buford, J. H. Hays, Fannie 31 Dec 1890
Cooters, David Eatherton, Luella 17 Jan 1886
Eatherton, James W. Johnson, Rosa 23 Nov 1898
Eberwein, E. Kroning, Magie 8 Feb 1910
Eberwein, Julius Nichols, Olive 4 Jul 1906
Finlay, William Gillham, Grace 8 Oct 1890
Giegr, George H. DeFoe, Delia 25 Dec 1889 Groom surname unclear
Hewitt, Fred Jesse Bopp, Elizabeth N. 14 Jun 1906
Hincke, Henry J. Hildebrand, Clara M. 28 Dec 1898
Lambeth, Edward B. Hill, Mary E. 19 Apr 1899
McElvoy, James W. Appel, Katherine 23 Apr 1893
Meyer, Nicholas P. Nivin, Beulah Nicholas 8 Aug 1906
Orr, Walter Eatherton, Lorena 21 Jan 1886
Ruwwe, Emil L. Hubbrand, Lydia 6 Oct 1906
Schrader, August J. J. Brooks, Ruth 8 Apr 1906
Turley, Lester Burks, Ethel L. 2 Oct 1911

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