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The Home Defender was a civic organization newspaper published in St. Louis. On 11 December 1915, they published a list of injuries and deaths that pertained to tetanus during that year. Some people recovered from their illness; others did not.

The original articles are available at Missouri Historical Society.

With a suggestion from Dennis Northcott, Audrey Flavin transcribed and contributed this information for publication in the 2000 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 33, number 4, page 163.

Tetanus – from The Home Defender

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NameAdmit DateDeathdateContent
Abood, Nora 25 Sep 1915 Nora Abood, 22 years old, living at 910 LaSalle Street, cut her finger with a rusty knife on September 15. On September 25 tetanus developed, the wound having become tetanus infected. Under vigorous treatment with anti-tetanic serum the patient recovered.
Frame, George 11 Aug 1915 11 Aug 1915 George Frame, 3 years old, residing at 2811 Beacon Street was admitted to the Infectious Hospital August 11, having a wound of the foot which had become infected with tetanus. He died the same day.
Jones, James Hugh 26 Jul 1915 28 Jul 1915 James Hugh Jones, 17 years old, farmer, was admitted to the Barnes Hospital July 26, with a history of a nail wound of the foot; the wound became infected with tetanus and he died July 28.
Kiep, William 27 Aug 1915 William Kiep, 3 years old, residing at 729 Oregon Avenue fell from a fence injuring his arm. The wound later became tetanus infected and he died at the City Hospital August 27.
Peterson, Tom 12 Aug 1915 Tom Peterson, a laborer, living at 523 Elm Street, was admitted to the City Hospital August 12, with a history of running a nail into the ball of his right foot about July 27. About two weeks afterwards he developed tetanus. Under vigorous serum treatment this case recovered.
Roeschel, William 22 Aug 1915 24 Aug 1915 William Roeschel, 50 years old, residing at 2948 Dickson Street, was admitted to the City Hospital on August 22. He gave a history of having injured his index finger while cutting a piece of wood seven days previously. Six days afterwards he developed tetanus and died August 24.
Scharf, Frederick 21 Aug 1915 22 Aug 1915 Frederick Scharf, 53 years old, residing at 412A Lea Place, fell from a ladder, lacerating his left arm. The wound later became tetanus infected and he was admitted to the Ellen Osborne Hospital August 21 and died there August 22.
Weilgos, Frank 1 Sep 1915 Frank Weilgos, 50 years old, a laborer, residing at 166 Sidney Street, had his hand injured in a machine. He developed tetanus and died September 1 at the Alexian Brothers' Hospital.

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