Misfortunes in the Globe-Democrat, 1874
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Globe-Democrat Misfortune, 1874

The St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper printed short articles about people and families that were in the midst of difficult times caused by various conditions; criminal actions, charity situations, and medical conditions. This list may place your ancestor in St. Louis in 1874, whether a resident or just passing through town.

Lorraine C. Cates and Alice Byington Tucker transcribed this list when it first appeared in the 1972 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 24, number 2, page 54.

Some Misfortune in St. Louis, 25 Nov 1874

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Capt. O'Neil of the Fourth District reports that Mrs. Sophia Huntz and family of five children, the oldest but nine years of age, living at 2718 N. 16th, are in very destitute condition and deserving of charitable assistance. The mother endeavors to support the family by washing, but has not strength to earn enough to feed all of the children. 25 Nov 1874 O'Neil, Capt. Huntz, Sophia, Mrs.
Coroner Dudley yesterday held an inquest upon the body of Ann O'Toole, the woman who died suddenly on Sunday night. The verdict was congestion of the brain and general debility. 25 Nov 1874 Dudley, [unk], Coroner O'Toole, Ann
Yesterday noon a team hitched to Fred Rapp's baker wagon became frightened and ran down Lami Street and wrecked the vehicle, doing $50 damages. 25 Nov 1874 Rapp, Fred
Emil Kuhn, the painter who shot himself in the head last Thursday with suicide intent, died at City Hospital yesterday morning. 25 Nov 1874 Kuhn, Emil
A horse owned and valued at $100 by William Morse ran away yesterday noon and broke a left fore leg. Policeman Barnes, of the Third District, shot and killed the animal to put it out of its misery. 25 Nov 1874 Morse, William Barnes, [unk], Policeman
Martin Keefe and Peter Downey got into a fight on Monday night, and Keefe struck Downey on the head with a stone, inflicting severe injuries. Keefe escaped. 25 Nov 1874 Keefe, Martin Downey, Peter
Henry Newmark, an employee of the Iron Mountain RR, was accidentally run over last evening and had his left leg crushed. 25 Nov 1874 Newmark, Henry
Theodore Grau, an employee of Shickle, Harrison & Co. foundry, was severely burned Monday evening when a lot of molten iron fell on his left foot. 25 Nov 1874 Grau, Theodore
Mary Stafford, age 41, was found Monday night lying on the sidewalk on 8th St. She was unable to move as her left leg was broken. She was intoxicated and could not give any satisfactory account of the accident. 25 Nov 1874 Stafford, Mary
Thomas Lynott, alias Laughlin, was arrested last evening on the charge of stealing a small lot of butter from the grocery store of Herman Floerke 25 Nov 1874 Lynott, Thomas Laughlin, Thomas Floerke, Herman
Clemens Oswald, a box maker, assaulted and knocked down Mrs. Eliza Buchler with a chair last night at her home on Congress St., while disputing with her about her husbnad taking a lot of shavings from him. 25 Nov 1874 Oswald, Clemens Buchler, Eliza, Mrs.
At 12:30 o'clock yesterday morning policmen of the 3rd District heard a woman crying Murder and Watch and saw Mrs. Elizabeth Coil (later shown as Carr) struggling with a man claiming to be George Kersting. The woman was attending a wake upon Mrs. Ann O'Toole, and had gone out to get some beer, when this man seized her and a fight ensued. 25 Nov 1874 Coil, Elizabeth Mrs. Carr, Elizabeth Mrs. Kersting, George O'Toole, Ann, Mrs.
Julius Keifer was charged with riotously disturbing the peace of Charles Munter. 25 Nov 1874 Keifer, Julius Munter, Charles
William E. Williams was charged with grand larceny; A. L. Lightner alleged that Williams had stolen a suit of clothes from him. 25 Nov 1874 Williams, William E. Lightner, A. L.
D. B. Read was charged with petit larceny; B. F. Ballard accused him of stealing 18 pounds of tea from his store. 25 Nov 1874 Read, D. B. Ballard, B. F.
Isaac Williams was fined $50 and cost for cruelty to animals. 25 Nov 1874 Williams, Isaac
Stanley Keller was charged with talking in a loud voice and reciting dramatic poetry in the streets at night ''while under the influence of too much benzine.'' (The court discharged him.) 25 Nov 1874 Keller, Stanley

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