News Items from Beacon, 1829–1832
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News Items from Beacon, 1829–1832

Newspaper items are a great source of information for researchers. Information from this early time period is particularly useful. The Beacon provides information about marriages, death notices, and the name of heirs. Microfilm of the Beacon is available at St. Louis Public Library.

Virginia Guinther transcribed this information for publication in the 1984 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 17, number 4, pages 115–116; volume 18, number 1, pages 15–17.

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Massie, Henry A. Massie, Nancy D., Miss Massie, Samuel, Esq.
Horrell, [unk], Rev., Mr. Bledsoe, Emily F., Miss Bledsoe, Moses O. Heaton, O. R., Dr.
Powell, George
Maughas, Mrs. Maughas, M. M., Dr.
Keyte, John Keyte, James
Grimsley, James Nimrod Grimsley, Thornton
McKerney, John Gebard McKerney, S. T.
Farrar, George R. C. Farrar, B. G., Dr.
Linn, Barnabas
Potts, W. S., Rev. Potts, Thomas Ivers, Elvira, Miss
Whistler, John, Maj.
Cassilay, Sarah T., Mrs. Cassilly, P.
Potts, [unk], Rev., Mr. McCausland, John Price, Margaret, Mrs.
Saulnier, [unk], Rev., Mr. Fasseu, Louis Ignace Antoine Lefavre, Phillippine, Miss
Coulte, J. D., Capt.
Hardeman, John
Ellis, Samuel, Dr.
Keyte, Rev. Halstead, C. N., Capt. Doyle, Elizabeth, Miss
Walker, Sarah Walker, [unk], Lieut.
Speaight, Richard

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