Some Early Marriages, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1843
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Some Early Marriages, St. Joseph Catholic Church, 1843

St. Joseph Catholic Church was formed about 1843. Known as the Shrine of Old St. Joseph, this was the first of the city’s German Catholic churches. The original marriages recorded limited information: the name of the bride and groom, plus the date of marriage.

The St. Joseph Catholic Church records are available on microfilm at St. Louis County Library Special Collections, or at the Family History Library.

Maryhelen Wilson provided this list originally published in the 1984 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 17, number 2, page 38.


Some Early Marriages, St. Joseph Catholic Church

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Echbers, Bernhard Kaufman, Elisabetha May 1843
Enders, Sebastian Startman, Carolina Apr 1843
Fieken, Herman Heinrich Henken, Maria Adelheid Apr 1843
Ganter, Matthew Hirt, Brigitta May 1843
Gode, Peter Ebersmeyer, Anna Maria Apr 1843
Grim, Franz Ode, Margaret 8 Mar 1843
Grossebessel, Heinrich Schmireling, Mariana Apr 1843
Hagebeh, Johan Herman Kember, Elisabeth Apr 1843
Hartlage, Friedrich Giesen, Elisabeth Apr 1843
Heitkamp, Rudolf Friedrich Westerman, Maria Adelheid Apr 1843
Hemsher, Franz Arrones, Anna Maria Apr 1843
Jansen, Bernhard Timpe, Anna Walburga May 1843
Keys, Johan Herman Bickmesser, Ferdinanda Mar 1843
Knau, Joseph Schaur, Catherine Apr 1843
Middendorf, Bernhard Heinrich Sebers, Miriam May 1843
Offelgonne, Theodore Henry Schuelte, Elizabeth 4 Feb 1843 Bride Schuelte is Schülte
Ruetter, Herman Glasmeser, Gertrude Mar 1843 Groom Ruetter is Rütter
Ruhler, Conrad Stutte, Catherina Apr 1843
Sauer, Emanuel Nolte, Josephine Apr 1843
Schlangenotten, Johan Boeker, Catherine Mar 1843 Bride Boeker is Böker

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