1850 St. Louis County Mortality Schedule Index
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1850 St. Louis County Mortality Schedule

When the census enumerator visited households, he not only took the census of the living residents but also inquired about the recently deceased. Any person who died in the previous twelve months should be listed on the mortality schedule.

For St. Louis researchers this is very important due to the cholera epidemic of 1849. Those who died between March and June 1849 are not listed on the schedule since that exceeded the twelve-month period. However, there are approximately 5,000 names in this schedule of people who died after 1 June.

Some information was hard to read or missing. If a question mark is listed in the birthplace, it means that information was not listed. If you locate your ancestor, please check the original document to verify the information.

The original 1850 federal mortality schedule is located at the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center. A copy of the index is available at St. Louis Genealogical Society, and St. Louis County Library Special Collections has both the index and the census. The Missouri mortality census is also available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

George and Maryhelen Wilson, along with Lois Stanley, indexed the St. Louis portion of the 1850 mortality schedule. They donated the index to St. Louis Genealogical Society in 1976.

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Under Ward, Co.=County, JB = Jefferson Barracks

Showing records 1 to 20 of 4740.

Abbot, Anne 67 England 923 6
Abegester, Patrick 3 Missouri 815 2
Abel, Wolfgang 55 Germany 888 5
Abigale, [unk] 70 Virginia 948 Co. Slave
Aborron, Robert 18 Ireland 759 1
Abraham, [unk] 25 Virginia 851 3 Slave
Ackerbach, Car. 1/12 Missouri 710 1
Ackerly, Hector 45 United States 967 Co. Slave
Ackerly, Wm. 40 England 967 Co.
Ackerman, M. 24 Virginia 974 Co.
Adams, [unk] 934 JB
Adams, Catherine 1 Missouri 827 3
Adams, Cornelia 1 Missouri 827 3
Adams, Frederick 6/12 Missouri 827 3
Adams, John 64 Scotland 963 Co.
Adams, Marian 1 Missouri 803 2 Mulatto
Adams, Wm. 32 New York 853 4
Add, Margaret 1 4/12 Missouri 962 Co.
Admand, Paul 32 England 699 1
Aften, Hannah 1 Missouri 823 3

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