St. Louis County Will Book, 1876-1889
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St. Louis County Will Book, 1876-1889

After the separation of St. Louis City and County in 1876, the new County seat was established in Clayton. County residences recorded their life and death events at the new courthouse starting in 1877. This index covers the St. Louis County Will Book I (1876–1889), which was given to St. Louis Genealogical Society by Mrs. Joseph J. Jannuzzo.

The index provides the name of the deceased and the page number of the will. The wills are on file in the Probate Office at the Clayton Government Center, and a copy is available at St. Louis County Library Special Collections.

Mrs. Joseph J. Jannuzzo contributed this information for publication in the 1975 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 8, number 1, pages 13–14.

St. Louis County Will Book I

Showing records 1 to 20 of 371.

Almstedt, Henry 83
Anderson, Rusha 18
Andrae, Frederik 138
Archambault, August 34
Armstrong, Lucy 61
Asker, Mary 58
Aubuchon, Baptiste G. 15
Aubuchon, Francis G. 121
Aubuchon, Joseph G. 7
Aubuchon, Victoria 10
Autenrieth, Philip Adam 41
Backhaus, Elisabeth 15
Bailey, Renfus W. 10
Bassett, Harriet 89
Bauer, Anton 106
Baxter, Zerelda 66
Beiler, Adolph 35
Benton, Deford 85
Bernard, Christoph H. 101
Beyes, Henry 84

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