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German citizens migrated to St. Louis bringing their religious affiliation and established new churches in the area. The German clergy at many of those churches conducted services in his native language and used the old script to record the church records. After locating your family in this index, review the referenced church record on microfilm. There may be additional clues in the record.

German Names

The index includes the names and spellings as found in the record with two exceptions. Names with an umlaut now include an extra “e,” which replaces the umlaut. For example, Müller is now Mueller and Jäger is now Jaeger.

If a name includes an eszett “ß,” it now has a double “s.” For example, Dißelmann becomes Disselmann. The search engine does not recognize an umlaut or the eszett.

There are a many ways to spell some given names and surnames, for example, Catharina, Katharina, Catherine, Katherine, Meyer, Myer, and more. Use a variety of spellings when searching the index.

Farm Names

German families used the farm name instead of their original surname. The farm name may be the family surname used today. Some records include the original name and the farm name indicated by the German word “gennant” or the Latin word “modo,” both meaning also called.


The index includes dates as recorded in the original record, even if we know it not possible, such as 30 February. It is up to you, the researcher, to resolve that problem.


If a record provides the name of a German town, it is included in this index. This may be the only record that provides the connection to the hometown in the old country. Locations in the United States are not included.

Baptismal Records

Baptismal records provide the name of the child and the mother. Usually the record provides the father’s name. If the father’s name is missing, the child’s surname should be the same as the mother. Click here for Baptismal Records.

Marriage Records

Marriage records provide the names of the bride and groom. The index includes both the bride’s maiden name and names from previous marriages. Click here for Marriage records.


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