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Index to St. Louis Burials, Volume 1

St. Louis Catholic Cemeteries

Background Information

For more than two decades, StLGS had a major project to collect names and burial information of all identifiable interments in every known cemetery in St. Louis City and County. Burial CD1 was the first to be published and included information from Catholic cemeteries only.

The Data

The data in this index included name, year of birth, date of death/burial, age at death/burial, and a code which identified the cemetery. Many of the bodies from older cemeteries could have been moved to newer ones. Hence, you may find the same individual listed more than once.

Additionally, some or all of the following information may be present for an individual in the source records which were indexed on the first CD:

Month, Day, Year of Death/Burial
Section, Row, Lot, and Site of interment
Burial Permit Number
Notes, which may include the maiden name, place of birth, or inscriptions from the tombstone

The information from this CD presented the society's first major product from this project. It contained an every-name index to almost 500,000 burials, listing interments in Catholic cemeteries of St. Louis City and County from 1780 to 2001. Some of these cemeteries no longer exist; others are still actively being used. The information for the index was accumulated from various sources. Volunteers from StLGS walked some cemeteries, recording the tombstone information. Some data was provided from archival records, and in June 2001, the St. Louis Archdiocese provided their electronic database of known burials for the Archdiocese-owned cemeteries.

Although all of the names contained on the cemetery pages have been reviewed by society volunteers, in a database of this size, there is undoubtedly room for error. Within the records, we have found numerous duplications, questionable spelling variations, suspicious dates, what appear to be removals but may be errors, etc. We have attempted to edit as much as possible, but we know there may still be records which contain misinformation.

Burial CD 1 was published in 2002. Years of death/burial covered varies by cemeteries.

Your Search

We urge you to be flexible in your searching, especially in spelling of alternative names. Many of the names came to us with prefixes, such as Major or Staff Sergeant, attached. We retained the prefixes as listed in the records and tried to move them to the ends of the given names. However, we recommend you search the entire list of given names for each surname, just in case we missed someone.

Please remember as you work with these names, that this is just an index. Good genealogical research methods suggest that you may wish to consult the original records for more accurate and complete information. We appreciate your support and hope you have much success in using this index.

The Cemeteries

The addresses provided on the CD are primarily for the cemeteries. Local parishes own some cemeteries and others are owned by the St. Louis Archdiocese. Cemeteries do not necessarily have an office on site to receive mail. The Archdiocese has two offices that can help with all of the cemeteries which they own. These offices are at Calvary Cemetery and at Resurrection Cemetery. The local parish church may provide some information on their individual cemetery. In addition, you can call the St. Louis Genealogical Society office at (314) 647-8547 for further information.

Cemetery Codes

Each burial entry in the original index contained a "cemetery code" of the form "X99."  That cemetery code is used to identify the location on the society's City/County Cemetery Map available in either Black and White or Color.

Where To Go For More Information

Once you locate an entry in this index, you may well wish to find the burial record for that individual. There are three ways you can do this:

1. Contact the St. Louis Genealogical Society:

P. O. Box 432010
St. Louis, MO 63143
(314) 647-8547

In accordance with the 2002 revised research policy of the society, there is a fee for researching surnames. Please check the society website under the Research tab for the current charges.

2. Contact the individual cemetery. (Some cemeteries are owned by the local church not the Archdiocese. All known information for the relocated cemeteries is available at the society office.)

Address and telephone listings are provided on the individual cemetery pages. Many of these cemeteries do not have an office on site. Further information on any of these Catholic cemeteries may be obtained from the offices at Calvary Cemetery or Resurrection Cemetery.

3. Contact the Catholic Archdiocesan office:

Catholic Cemeteries of St. Louis
6901 MacKenzie Road
St. Louis, MO 63123
(314) 352-5300

Catholic Cemeteries of St. Louis
5239 W. Florissant Road
St. Louis, MO 63115
(314) 381-1313


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