Jewish Funeral Home Records, 1818-2004
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  • Berger Memorial Chapel
    4715 McPherson Ave. ; St. Louis, MO 63108 ; 314.361.0622

    Established in 1896. President Richard W. Stein is the 4th generation to run Berger Memorial Chapel. 1

  • Mayer Funeral Home

    Founded in 1914. In 2003, Alan Mayer son of the founder closed Mayer Funeral Home. Alan Mayer joined Berger Memorial ending his 40 year association with Mayer Funeral Home. All Jewish services that were prearranged through Mayer Funeral Home will be honored by Berger Memorial Chapel, and all non-Jewish services will be referred to other funeral homes convenient to the families holding contracts. 1

  • Rindskopf-Roth Funeral Chapel
    5216 Delmar Blvd. ; St. Louis, MO ; 314.367.0438

    Serving the Jewish Community since 1884.

Jewish Funeral Home Index

This index contains information obtained from several funeral homes serving the Jewish population of St. Louis.
Currently data is available from:

  • Rindskopf Roth Funeral Home, 1818-1979
  • Berger Funeral Home, 1902-2004, surnames starting with A, B, & G

Records are incomplete for both funeral homes.


These records were transcribed in 2003 to 2004 by members of the Jewish Genealogical Society of St. Louis. That organization no longer exists; but was succeeded by the Jewish Special Interest Group (J-SIG) of the St. Louis Genealogical Society.

The J-SIG expresses its gratitude to the these funeral homes for their cooperation in making this data available.



1. Mayer joins Berger Memorial ; St. Louis Jewish Light, 23 July 2003, p. 2.


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