St. Louis Cemeteries, 1880
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As the City and County grew, so did the number of cemeteries. In 1880, there were 6,742 interments in the City and County. Calvary had the most burials with 1,444 and Mt. Shereth Israel had the fewest with 2. The St. Louis City and County active cemeteries in 1880 were listed as follows

St. Louis City

  • Potters Field in the 26th Ward
  • Gravois-Saxon, 12 acres in the 26th Ward
  • St. Paul’s, 9 acres in the 25th Ward
  • St. Marcus, 27-1/2 acres in the 25th Ward
  • Sts. Peter & Paul, 21-1/2 acres in the 25th Ward
  • New Pickers, 9 acres in the 25th Ward
  • Old Pickers or Holy Ghost, 20 acres in the 21st Ward
  • Rock Springs, 8 acres in the 27th Ward
  • West Lutheran or Papin-Saxon, 15 acres in the 15th Ward
  • Friedensgemeinde, 12 acres situated partially in the 23rd Ward and partly outside the City
  • Bellefontaine, 333 acres in the 23rd Ward
  • Calvary, 240 acres near Bellefontaine in the 23rd Ward
  • Holy Trinity, in the 23rd Ward
  • St. Matthew’s, 12 acres in the 25th Ward

St. Louis County

  • Mt. Sinai, 1/4-mile from the city limits on Gravois Road
  • New Wesleyan, 8 miles from the courthouse on Olive Street Road
  • Mt. Shereth Israel, 8 miles out on the Olive Street Road
  • Mt. Olive, 9 miles from the court house on Olive Street Road
  • Bethania, 7 miles out on St. Charles Rock Road
  • Greenwood, 7 miles out on Hunt Road
  • Salem, 7 miles out on Natural Bridge Road
  • St. John’s, 8 miles out on St. Cyr Road
  • Mt. Olive, 3 miles south of city limits on Lemay Ferry Road
  • Evangelical Lutheran, 4 miles south of city limits on Lemay Ferry Road
  • Oakdale, 3 miles outside the city limits on Lemay Ferry Road
  • St. Ann’s, 8 miles from the city

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